A Message of Gratitude from the Owners of ASI Gymnastics, David and Debi Holley

TThe year of COVID-19 took a tremendous toll on many families. Dealing with illness, death, and financial struggles has been tragic and stressful. It has been even more difficult for families with little kids. At ASI Gymnastics, we exist to coach children. So, when we were shut down in March, not only did our coaches lose a job, they lost more. They lost a connection with all the kids they love.

However, we were determined to re-open. We were scared. We wanted to protect the parents and gymnasts from COVID-19. But, honestly we wanted to protect our valued staff more than anything. So, the ASI Safety Team created our COVID-19 protocols. And, they have worked.

We also realized we would need help from all our vendors. We were so humbled by the support we received from our business partners. However, one stood above all others. Vista Bank helped us secure a PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan. These funds were used to pay our staff as we continue to lose money and rebuild during 2021. Vista Bank also helped us secure a Main Street Loan which allows us to continue operating and paying our coaches and management team. To learn more about how Vista Bank and ASI Gymnastics partnered together during these times, watch the video below.

We rarely speak publicly as our approach is focused on Servant Leadership. However, Debi and I have been so moved by the hard work of our coaches during this extremely difficult period. Most are working for less money. The entire management team is taking less compensation. They have not complained. They have focused on the kids. They have focused on safety. Have we made mistakes? Of course. But, they are trying so hard, following the protocols. Being safe while continuing to coach kids.

Thanks to the amazing coaching staff of ASI Gymnastics, the support of the community, the support of our business partners, ASI will be available to serve your children normally long after this horrible pandemic is over. And for that, we are very grateful.

David Holley,
Chief Executive Officer
ASI Gymnastics

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