Full-Time Employees are eligible for the following benefits:

Medical Benefits
Full time employees are eligible to receive excellent medical insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield and become a member of our Health Reimbursement Account plan. The plan includes life insurance. Employees may also elect optional dental and vision coverage.

Centralized Business Manager Kristi Ridgeway

“As a mom, having a job that offers employee benefits is very important to me”especially health insurance! I am so happy to be able to do what I love, while working for a company that values it’s employees enough to step outside the box of this particular industry’s norm and provide this benefit!”

401k Individual Retirement Account
Full time employees may make pretax contributions to a retirement savings plan. ASI matches your contribution. The plan is administered by Fidelity Investments.

Premium Fitness Plan
Employees are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle. Full Time Employees electing BCBS Medical Plan may also add Premium Fitness Plan with no enrollment fee. Plan includes access to all 24 Hour Fitness, Bally’s, selected YMCA’s, and selected Curves locations. Employees can also join other fitness clubs and receive partial reimbursement through ASI.

Holiday Pay
ASI is closed on major holidays. Full Time employees receive regular pay during holiday closings.

Full Time employees are eligible for one week of vacation during your first year of work, and two weeks after one year of service.

Part-Time and Full-Time Employees are eligible for the following benefits:

Fitness Plan
Employees are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle. ASI Employees may join any fitness club and receive partial reimbursement through ASI. ASI employees must attend at least 6 times per quarter to receive this benefit.

Education Assistance Plan
ASI believes that continuing education is in the best interest of the employee and the organization. All ASI employees may be eligible for assistance with college courses taken at local community colleges and universities. Employees are reimbursed for tuition, related enrollment fees, and books after the completion of each semester. The amount of reimbursement is dependent on both the employee’s earnings and GPA for the term. Employees may receive up to 12% of total W2 earnings per semester.

Coach Brittany Haynes

“ASI has helped me reach my dream of becoming a nurse through the educational assistance program. I am thrilled to say I’m graduating from college without any loans or any debt!”

ASI Scholarship Fund
Employees who work at ASI during high school are eligible to receive a scholarship upon graduation to help offset the cost of college tuition. This scholarship is in addition to the education assistance plan. The amount of the scholarship is equal to 12% of the employee’s gross earnings from the date of hire to the date of high school graduation.

ASI tuition credits
Dependents of ASI employees may attend gymnastics classes, gymnastics after school, and other program at discounted rates, or in most cases free of charge.