Programs benefiting cheerleaders:

Students will improve their motions, jumps and cheers while building the confidence and spirit needed to excel in cheerleading.

Power Tumbling

Our one-hour power tumbling classes are open to both boys and girls, ages 5-18, focused on learning and mastering handsprings, multiple flip-flops, layouts and more. Through this fun and safe instruction, students will flip their way through class improving their strength, flexibility and tumbling skills.

Private Lessons

Cheer privates allow exclusive one-on-one instruction to make sure students get the attention needed to progress in specific areas of focus. Cheerleaders gain confidence and valuable tips while constantly refining and improving.

Typical privates are either 30 or 60 minutes. Semi-privates are also available.

Squad Classes

Squad Classes are Power Tumbling classes that are exclusive to a group of cheerleaders from the same squad. Participating in a class together will allow their training to be catered towards the specific needs of the squad. As long as there are a minimum of 8 students enrolled, then it will remain a Squad Class and only squad members will be allowed to join.

Discounted rates are offered to squads of 10 or more and workouts are tailored to the squads’ specific needs.

Cheer Mini Clinics

ASI Cheer Mini Clinics is a one-hour workout that runs for 9 weeks from January to March and is open to youth (6-18 years old) interested in improving cheer skills before tryouts.
Cheer Mini Clinics Information