Cheer Mini Camp

ASI Cheer Mini Camp is a one-hour workout that runs for 10 weeks from January 15, 2018 to March 22, 2018 and is open to youth (6-18 years old) interested in improving cheer skills and tumbling before tryouts.

Students begin with a warm-up and stretch, then choose stations throughout the gym where they can work on tumbling, jumps, motions and cheers. The stations are manned by our expert ASI coaches who are available to spot tumbling skills and to work on technique. You don’t have to be a member to participate.

Anytime Sessions

Attend one or more sessions in the months of January-March




Season Pass

Attend all 10 sessions in the months of January-March



2018 Cheer Mini Camp Schedule

ASI AllenWednesdaysJan. 17 - Mar. 218:00-9:00PM
ASI ArlingtonMondaysJan. 15 - Mar. 198:00-9:00PM
ASI CypressWednesdaysJan. 17 - Mar. 217:30-8:30PM
ASI FirewheelThursdaysJan. 18 - Mar. 228:00-9:00PM
ASI KellerMondaysJan. 15 - Mar. 198:00-9:00PM
ASI Lake HighlandsMondaysJan. 15 - Mar. 198:00-9:00PM
ASI MesquiteThursdaysJan. 18 - Mar. 228:00-9:00PM
ASI Plano WestWednesdaysJan. 17 - Mar. 218:00-9:00PM
ASI RockwallThursdaysJan. 18 - Mar. 228:00-9:00PM
ASI The WoodlandsTuesdaysJan. 16 - Mar. 207:30-8:30PM

Have a team of 10 or more?

Special Discount: $100 Season Pass per child!

Camp is non-refundable. You can always transfer your camp session to another day if you contact us by 11:59pm the day before.

PLEASE NOTE: If using pre-purchased sessions, cancelled sessions, and/or account credits please call the gym to register.