ASI Ninja is coed classes that combine Gymnastics, Parkour, and trampoline skills to develop an all-around athlete. This program will improve your Ninja’s confidence, coordination, and balance all while developing strength.

Ninja 5+ Bronze

Ninja Bronze students develop agility, coordination, strength, balance, gripping, swinging, jumping, and landing skills. They also learn proper rolling and flipping on the floor and trampoline. These are the basics of Parkour and Gymnastics.

Ninja Bronze skills needed to promote to Ninja Silver:

  • Falling Drills
  • Safety Vault
  • Plyometric and Stride Jump Series
  • Attaining Grip Strength for Obstacle Training

*GOAL: To promote to Ninja Silver.

Ninja 5+ Silver

This is an intermediate ninja class. Prerequisites: Passed Ninja Bronze or placement evaluationNinja Silver students continue to develop strength and balance as they traverse obstacles, learn precision jumps, and swinging skills on lache bars, as well as various hanging obstacles.

Ninja Silver skills needed to promote to Ninja Gold:

  • Shoulder Roll
  • Kong Vault
  • Monkey Bars
  • Conquering the 8′ Warp Wall

*GOAL: To promote to Ninja Gold.

Ninja 5+ Gold

This is an advanced-level ninja class. Prerequisites: Passed Ninja Silver or placement evaluationNinja Gold students begin having more freedom for creativity and learn advanced tumbling, Parkour, and Ninja skills while learning to efficiently traverse complex obstacle courses.

Ninja Gold skills needed to promote to Ninja Advanced Gold:

  • Bouncing Back Tuck
  • Punch Front Tuck on Floor
  • Traverse Cannonball Alley
  • Conquering the 10′ Warp Wall

*GOAL: To promote to Ninja Advanced Gold.

Ninja 5+ Advanced Gold

This is the most advanced-level ninja class. Prerequisites: Passed Ninja Gold or placement evaluationNinja Advanced Gold students have mastered all the basics of ninja and parkour. These students will put these mastered skills to the test by moving the parkour skills from the trampoline to the floor and traversing complex obstacles back to back in a competition-style circuit.

Some fun Advanced Gold Skills include:

  • Salmon Ladder Mastery
  • Standing Back Tuck
  • Wall Flips
  • Side Flip

*GOAL: To perfect the tumbling skills acquired and use these skills in other activities.