Aly with Coach Michella

Aly Mitchell is a 2nd grader at Nebbie Williams Elementary in Rockwall. She first heard about ASI when she had a fantastic time at one of our fabulous birthday parties. She had so much fun, she had to sign up for a Girls Gymnastics class, and after working hard and learning new skills every week, Aly is thriving in her Girls Silver class with Coach Michella!

Quote from Aly

“What I love most about ASI is that everyone is so nice.”

Aly’s favorite subject at school is art, because she loves to draw, but her favorite sport is Gymnastics. Hey! That’s our favorite sport, too! Aly’s favorite event is the bars, because she loves to flip over them. Clearly Aly is not just cute, she’s fearless. That confidence comes with many other benefits of gymnastics classes, like strength, balance, flexibility, determination, discipline, and some great exercise.

Quote from Aly

“I love gymnastics because I get to hang out with my friends and learn new things.”




  • 7


  • Nebbie Williams


  • 2nd Grade

Favorite Subject

  • Art

Favorite Gymnastics Skill

  • Bars


2 Responses to “Student Spotlight: Aly Mitchell”

  1. Where is this? i want to go to gymnastics but i live in lewisville tx and i dont know if it in there and im a biggener i dont know anithing about it but i want to know im practicing on doing the splits but idk? and i also want to know ihow much you have to pay?

    • Karla, please have your parent or guardian call your local ASI Gymnastics location for more information regarding classes and levels. They will be more than happy to help you with any questions.