At ASI Gymnastics, safety is our number one priority as we pursue our mission to provide the best gymnastics instruction possible to each child at their level. ASI Safety Education depends on cooperation among staff, parents, and participants. Today, ASI Gymnastics introduces a new safety awareness campaign, “Safe Fun at ASI Gymnastics.” We believe that the best kind of fun is safe fun, and our customers and their children deserve nothing less than the best.

“We are happy to enhance the communication of Safety in a fun and innovative way. We continue to integrate technology and involve the parents, kids, and staff in providing a very safe, fun, high-quality program,” says David Holley, CEO of ASI Gymnastics, Inc.

The goal is a safe learning experience at ASI Gymnastics. This is achieved when coaches, support staff, management, parents, and children all work together to respect common-sense guidelines built on mutual respect, trust, engineering, education, and enforcement. All staff members take Safety Education classes during training and certification, and continue their safety education for the duration of their employment at ASI, because our commitment to safe fun is firm and constant.

The “Safe Fun” campaign includes messages and tips posted on the TVs in the gyms, on posters, on our website, and on social media. We want to communicate our commitment to safe fun in any way we can, because increasing awareness is essential to enhancing our ability to keep everyone in the ASI Family safe.

Everyone has a role in implementing “Safe Fun.” Staff members give verbal instructions while supervising all activities at ASI Gymnastics. Parents provide support while honoring and respecting the “Safe Fun” Guidelines. Students are kept safe and learn discipline and respect while following the “Safe Fun” rules. These primary rules and guidelines will help all visitors to ASI enjoy “Safe Fun.”

Click here to read the Safe Fun Guidelines at ASI Gymnastics.