At ASI Gymnastics, we believe very strongly in the power of learning and education to transform young people’s lives. Gymnastics has been proven to enhance kids’ academic achievement, and we love any way we can give our students an advantage in life. That’s why we’ve designed our Preschool program to incorporate early learning activities. In addition to learning excellent gymnastics techniques and valuable life skills, your child will be exposed to shapes, letters, colors, animals, seasons, and so much more. Did you know that this early introduction to basic concepts helps kids become more confident learners when they start school? On top of that, gymnasts tend to be earlier readers, and higher-achieving students, statistically speaking.

After decades of teaching gymnastics to young children, we know what it takes to keep preschoolers’ attention, so we encourage
in our classes to make learning fun. Why just walk from the trampolines to the pit, when you can fly like a butterfly, or sneak around like secret agents? Imagination between the ages of 2 and 5 has been proven to help kids later on in school when they’re learning about things they don’t experience directly, like history, or other world cultures. Imagination helps kids understand things they can’t see for themselves, which is an essential skill for learning.

Every week, your child will spend time at the “Music Circle” dancing and clapping and tapping small instruments to songs designed to get preschoolers moving. The rhythm your child will develop while they dance and play has been linked to faster cognitive development and can help with learning languages. Music is an incredibly effective tool for helping children learn, and we’re all about education at ASI!

We know how important structure is to a preschooler’s developing brain, so we’ve organized our floor, balance beam, and bars instruction into carefully developed circuits that will be easy for your child to follow. These circuits teach your child how to work independently and follow a sequence of instructions, which is going to be crucial once they start school. It’s never too early to start learning how to learn!

Your child’s early academic success can depend largely on their ability to follow directions given by a teacher. Your child will get excellent practice by taking directions from trained gymnastics teachers in a fun environment. A gymnastics lesson is a great way to ease your child into a classroom setting, while still allowing them to be a kid and blow off steam!

Did you know that crawling and climbing over different surfaces helps your child engage multiple parts of their brain at once, which helps prepare their mind for reading and math-related tasks later in life. That’s why we have our youngest students crawl and climb around age-appropriate obstacles, over ramps and under mats, through tunnels, up ladders and down slides. It not only challenges their growing arms and legs, but it engages their growing minds! Literacy and numeracy are two of the most important indicators of future success in school and in life, so we’re happy to do whatever we can to contribute to your child’s learning potential while we have fun and play in the gym!

Learning to count, or recite the alphabet, depends on your child’s ability to remember numbers and letters in a sequence. We’ve included multiple sequences of skills into our preschool programs, to challenge your child’s mind to remember skills in a specific order. This will help them learn to order their thoughts and identify and recall patterns when they’re doing math or spelling words in school.

One of our preschool parents said it best on our Facebook page last year” at ASI, we’re teaching so much more than gymnastics!

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