ASI Gymnastics is committed to youth development. The commitment continues for many gymnasts as coaching becomes their first job. Often, your ASI Coach was a former ASI gymnast. The founders of ASI Gymnastics encourage a continued education, and many coaches continue to work for ASI Gymnastics as they attend college and earn a degree.

In June, 43 ASI employees received high school diplomas. Almost all will continue on to college. In many cases, they will continue to work for ASI Gymnastics. Thirty-two of the ASI high school graduates have qualified for the ASI High School Scholarship Award by earning more than $2,500 while working for ASI Gymnastics and attending high school. This is an outstanding achievement. The recipients earned an average of $718 in awards, with eight earning over $1,000. Those wishing to take advantage of the Scholarship are also eligible for the ASI Educational Assistance Plan and will be able to earn more money to pay for tuition, books, and related fees.

Ashley McAbee (left) and Kathryn James (right) from ASI Cypress graduated from Langham Creek High School. Pictured with Coach Molly from ASI Cypress.

The ASI Scholarship Fund features:

ASI established the reimbursement rules for all employees years ago. The founders strongly support continued education, youth development, and a strong work ethic. Eligibility for withdrawal does require an ongoing commitment to work. Most of the employees do that with a part-time or seasonal commitment. The highlights of the ASI High School Scholarship Fund Program:

  • Employee must earn at least $2,500 prior to graduation to qualify. In 2015, 32 of 43 graduates qualified.
  • After high school graduation, employee must work at least 11 hours per quarter, and a minimum of 200 hours per year to remain eligible.
  • Employee may file for up to 25% of eligible amount each year for four years.
  • Employee is also eligible for the Educational Assistance Plan, worth 12% of additional earnings. All ASI Gymnastics employees are eligible for this benefit.
Grace Nwegbo from ASI Lake Highlands graduated from Poteet High School.

Grace Nwegbo is a 2015 Poteet High School graduate from Mesquite, Texas. Grace has worked for ASI Gymnastics Lake Highlands since she was a sophomore and earned over $11,000. ASI is matching 12% of her earnings, or $1,430. The funds are available for her to use for college tuition and fees over the next four years. Grace plans to major in child development and pre-med. Click here to read more about Grace.

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Congrats to the following ASI Scholarship Award Recipients:

ASI Allen
Nicole Naccarella

ASI Cypress
Felipe Barrera
Tanvir Bhogal
Ciara Carrier
Makenna Cooper
Mary Gregory
Kathryn James
Ashley McAbee
Laura Vera

ASI Firewheel
Tomas Carrasco
Zack Foster
Amelia Lara
Brooke Mahan

ASI Keller
Faith Delijero
Valoria Farmer

ASI Lake Highlands
Hailey Lawrence
Grace Nwegbo
Windi Powell
Abbey Roach
Benjamin Schmidt

ASI Mesquite
Madison Caples
Brittany Dauphin
Kaylea Tredway

ASI Plano West
Breanna Avelar
Stephanie Canelo
Lauren Deems
Kiana Freeman
Shanella Lance
Devin McCord

ASI Rockwall
Samantha Ruff

ASI The Woodlands
Brett Deffner
Zane Nixon

Congrats Class of 2015!

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