Mall night (1)

Plans for Saturday Night? Why not be proactive with shopping this year and drop the kids off at ASI from 7-11pm for Parents’ Night Out. While the kids are shopping at Mall Night, you can treat yourself to a little retail therapy of your own.

Here’s 5 reasons to send your kids to Parents’ Night Out and shop:

  1. Your child stays active while you burn calories hitting up your favorite shops!
  2. Need to stock up on winter items the kids grew out of from last season? Get in and out of the store while the kids are safe and warm at ASI!
  3. So you got stuck with cooking deviled eggs for Thanksgiving? Get your grocery shopping done without the kids before all the paprika is sold out.
  4. Tired of your kids finding where you hide the Christmas presents? You’ll have plenty of time this year to shop and hide the gifts while the kids learn and play at ASI!
  5. It’s just FUN! Having fun must be taken seriously; it is great for the mind, body, and soul!

Pre-register now for Mall Night Parents’ Night Out!