Congratulations to all of the athletes who competed this weekend in the TGGA State Competition! All of the athletes, boys and girls, finished off a great season with great scores and great placings! ASI Gymnastics is so proud of all of the gymnasts who have been working so hard throughout the season. What a great ending to an amazing season!

These are just SOME of the awesome pictures from State! For all pictures, go to the ASI Facebook Page!

Girl’s Results:

Level 1 Small Team

  1. ASI Cypress
  2. ASI Rockwall

Level 1 Large Team

  1. ASI Plano West
  2. ASI Arlington
  3. ASI Lake Highlands
  4. ASI Keller
  5. East Texas Twisters Canton
  6. ASI Allen
  7. ASI Mesquite
  8. ASI The Woodlands
  9. ASI Firewheel

Level 2 Small Team

  1. ASI Rockwall

Level 2 Large Team

  1. ASI Arlington
  2. ASI Keller
  3. ASI Allen
  4. ASI Mesquite
  5. ASI The Woodlands
  6. ASI Plano West
  7. East Texas Twisters Canton
  8. ASI Lake Highlands
  9. ASI Firewheel
  10. Plano Aerobats – West
  11. Plano Aerobats – East
  12. ASI Cypress

Level 3 Placement Small Team

  1. ASI Rockwall
  2. ASI Cypress
  3. ASI Mesquite

Level 3 Placement Large Team

  1. ASI Arlington
  2. ASI Lake Highlands
  3. ASI Keller
  4. ASI Plano West
  5. ASI Allen
  6. East Texas Twisters Canton

Boy’s Results:

Level 1

  1. ASI Cypress
  2. ASI Arlington
  3. ASI Plano West

Level 2

  1. ASI Keller
  2. ASI Firewheel
  3. ASI Lake Highlands
  4. ASI Rockwall

Level 3

  1. ASI Firewheel
  2. ASI Plano West
  3. GymKix
  4. ASI Allen
  5. ASI Arlington
  6. ASI Mesquite

Level 4

  1. ASI Mesquite

There were some extremely close finishes when it came to the team all-around scores and placings. In some cases 1st and 2nd place were separated by tenths! These boys and girls have been working hard all year to bring home team gold and they did it this weekend! The boys are now done with their competition season. The girl’s Level 1’s and Level 2’s are officially done with their season, and the Level 3’s and up have one more competition, the TAAF State Competition. This competition is May 14-15 at Texas Best Gymnastics. Come out and support the ASI girl’s teams!

We are so proud of all of our ASI team members! Congrats, athletes and see you next season!