ASI Gymnastics’ boys team program has been growing over the past few years and we are so happy with all of the progress!  There is a boy’s competitive team at all ASI locations, including Dallas/Fort Worth and the Houston area. The boy’s program at ASI is similar to that of the girls, in that there are skills needed for each level of competition and routines that need to be learned on each event.  The boy’s program includes six events, unlike the girl’s program, which includes four.  The boy’s events are Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Rings, Pommel Horse, and Floor.  ASI has boy’s teams from Level 1-4.  In the 2014-2015 competitive year there were 54 boys on the ASI teams.  This year, there were a total of 69 boys on team and we only expect this number to keep growing!

For more pictures of the boy’s team coaches and of the boy’s team program, visit the ASI Facebook page to see pictures of all of the boy’s competitions!

2015-2016 Boy’s Team Coaches

  • ASI Allen – Cris Saenz
  • ASI Arlington – Benjamin and Matthew Roark
  • ASI Cypress – David Douglas
  • ASI Firewheel – Tanner Sonnenberg
  • ASI Keller – Jordon Carroll
  • ASI Lake Highlands – Gary King
  • ASI Mesquite – Jacob Griffin
  • ASI Plano West – Rico Dickerson
  • ASI Rockwall – Adam Alford
  • ASI The Woodlands – Kallie Fitzpatrick

We want to give recognition to all of our boy’s team coaches who have worked so hard this season to make sure that all of their students were mentally and physically prepared for each competition this season.  They have put in hours of hard work during practices and at competitions, instilling confidence and team work into the boys on team and we are so proud of all of their hard work.  With six events, boy’s team coaches have to utilize all hours in the gym to efficiently and equally work on all events, including time for conditioning and stretching. 

More classes and activities are being opened for our recreational boys classes in hopes that they will be inspired to join team!  This summer, boys and girls in all levels recreational classes and team will be invited to attend skills camps.  These camps will give students an opportunity to have more hours in the gym to work on the skills they may not have time to work on during their weekly practice.  The camps will be longer than their hour-long rec class, allowing more time to work on skill-specific drills and different types of conditioning. Strength is key to learning higher level skills. With such a successful 2015-2016 season, the 2016-2017 season is looking brighter than ever!  Great job team coaches!