Each year, the Gymmie Kid competition proves to be one of the most exciting and “happy-tear” causing events of the year. Mary Kate, our Gymmie Kid Program Director puts on this event and invites gymmie kids from all ASI locations to come out and compete. Then, their coaches help them to create routines on 3-4 events. They practice and perfect their routines and get ready to strut their stuff at the meet! At the competition this past weekend, we had gymmie kid students from 8 of the 10 ASI locations competing with a total of 26 students! The smiles on all of their faces warm the hearts of every spectator, even bringing some to tears! This meet is so moving and every year it is a huge success!

What is the Gymmie Kid Program, you ask? “Gymmie Kids is a gymnastics program tailored to each exceptional child’s particular needs. It is goal directed towards gaining strength, improving gross motor skills, and increasing confidence while learning gymnastics skills at the same time.” -taken from the ASI Gymnastics Gymmie Kid Program page

Each student is evaluated and placed in either a standard class with a shadow coach or a private lesson. This way, the program is tailored to what the student is most comfortable with. A gymnastics plan is written for the student and their progress is followed throughout their time at ASI Gymnastics. There is nothing more exciting than watching the progress of your gymmie kid through their time with you as their coach!

ASI Gymnastics welcomes all exceptional students, including those with:

  • Genetic or chromosomal conditions
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Neuromuscular and orthopedic disorders
  • General developmental delays
  • Vision or hearing impairment

For more pictures from the Gymmie Kid Competition, visit the ASI Facebook page!

For more information about the Gymmie Kid program, visit the ASI Website under Gymnastics – Gymmie Kids