The five men who will represent the United States this year in the Rio Olympics have been chosen!

Sam Mikulek

Jake Dalton

Alex Naddour

John Orozaco

Chris Brooks

Men's Olympic Team

These men had one last chance at the last night of the Olympic Trials to prove that they were Rio Ready. This was an extremely tough competition, as the spots for the team weren’t so easily guaranteed. In order to receive an automatic spot on the Olympic team, these men had to place top three on three of the six events, along with placing first or second in the all around. Mikulak was a shoe in for a spot, due to his flawless routines and amazing sticks. He had the top all around score and the second best score on the pommel horse and the parallel bars.

John Orozco struggled at these trials, due to his previous injury. He has torn his achilles twice now, but that didn’t stop him! Sam Mikulek, Jake Dalton, and John Orozco will be joining the Olympic team for the second time in their careers.

Alex Naddour and Chris Brooks were alternates for the London Olympics in 2012. This gave them the motivation they needed to work even harder for the next four years so that they could fulfill their dreams of making the Olympic team. Of the 24 routines that Naddour performed, he didn’t have a fall or major error on any of them! His confidence proves that he is a truly valuable team member these Olympic Games.

The Rio Olympics will prove a tough and all-out battle, but U.S.A. will surely be bringing their A-game with these five men. Last Olympics, the U.S. Men placed 5th place, but this year, they are sure to prove that they are coming in better and stronger. They are surely Rio Ready and will represent America proud this summer! Congrats to the five men chosen for the Men’s U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team!!