Are you tired of your kids just sitting on the couch after school? Are you sick of hearing, “I’m bored” on the weekends? ASI Gymnastics has an idea to beat the boredom, while also benefiting your child. This is where getting the kids out of the house comes in! Why, you might ask is this the answer?

  1. It wears them out.

    Isn’t it nice when you pick your child up from an outing or event and they fall asleep on the way home? They get so much exercise that they are exhausted and worn out, meaning when they get home they are ready for bed! Now, the kids will get a good night’s sleep after all of that activity and they wake up refreshed for a new day. baby-sleep

  2. They get to meet other kids.

    Taking your kids to public events or outings without mom or dad there is a good way for your child to meet other children. They learn to make friends and build relationships. This is good for their social skills, and they learn how to act in public. kids-dancing

  3. It teaches them structure.

    Your young ones will learn the importance of following the rules, listening to authority, and paying attention. These qualities are so important for young growing athletes!

  4. They are getting off the couch and being active.

    Finally! A chance for the kids to get off the couch, away from the TV, off their gaming devices, and on their feet moving around! Now they have the perfect opportunity to burn off some energy before bed in a safe and fun environment. There are so many benefits of exercise: stronger muscles and bones, leaner body, less likely to become overweight, decrease in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, and an overall better outlook on life! kid-rope

  5. Added bonus: It gives you “me” time.

    Mommy or daddy time is very important. Dropping the kids off at a children’s social event gives you the opportunity to do the things you can’t do when the kids are around, like household tasks or errands that need to be run. You have the time to grocery shop, go see a movie, clean up the house, or just simply relax! “Me” time is important for parents!

Convinced yet? If not, take the kids to Parents’ Night Out this Saturday from 7-11pm at any ASI location! While the parents are away, the kids are at play! At PNO, kids will get to play on the bars and balance beam, jump on the trampolines, play group games, and so much more. Every PNO has a different theme and this weekend’s theme is ZOO! The night includes dinner and a drink and everyone is welcome. Your kid will have fun and benefit too!

To learn more about Parents’ Night Out, and to pre-register, visit the PNO Page on the ASI Website. Hope to see you there!