Happy Halloween from ASI Gymnastics!


Halloween Parents’ Night Out was this past Saturday night and it was a blast! The gyms were completely decorated as different themes and every child went home with candy and a smile! Halloween PNO is the biggest PNO of the year and it never disappoints. Each gym chooses a theme and turns the gym completely into that theme. Every gym also makes a haunted house and they go all out! The endless Halloween themed games keep all of the kids excited and having fun! We hope you were all able to attend to see your gym’s haunted house this year. If not, make sure to put it on the calendar for next year!

The coaches get really creative and dress in costumes based on their gym’s theme. The coaches love Halloween PNO and really enjoy getting in the Halloween spirit. They want to make sure each child has a fun night! ASI holds a contest between all of the gyms based on Best Decor, Best Haunted House, and more! Here are the results:

Best Decorations
1. Keller
2. Plano West
3. Rockwall
Honorable Mention: Arlington / Woodlands

Best Costumes
1. Allen
2. Keller
3. Arlington
Honorable Mention: Arlington

Best Haunted House
1. Arlington
2. Keller
3. Lake Highlands
Honorable Mention: Firewheel / Mesquite

The Gymmie Award (Overall safety and fun in the gym!)
1. Plano West
2. Rockwall
3. Cypress

Each gym had amazing decorations, costumes, and haunted houses and all of the kids had such a great time!

For pictures from all of the gyms, visit the ASI Facebook Page!

Happy Halloween from ASI Gymnastics and see you next year at PNO!