The Gymmie Kid Pumpkin Invitational took place this past weekend at ASI Plano West and the event proved to be one of the happiest days of the year for ASI Gymnastics! There wasn’t a single spectator without a smile on their face throughout the entire competition. There were a total of about 30 athletes competing, and countless volunteers and coaches to help out.

For those who do not know, the Gymmie Kid program at ASI Gymnastics is tailored to all exceptional children and their particular needs. The goal of this program is directed towards gaining strength, improving gross motor skills, and increasing confidence while learning gymnastics skills at the same time. Some Gymmie Kids participate in classes with others with a “shadow” coach as their assistant, and others work privately with a specific coach. Each Gymmie Kid works on events that are suited to their physical abilities, and their coaches work specifically with them to allow them to gain the strength and gross motor skills previously mentioned.

At the Pumpkin Invitational, each athlete had six events to choose from to compete on, and once chosen, their coach helped them come up with routines for each of those events. Athletes had about six weeks to prepare for the meet, and they classes consisted of nothing but practicing these routines. They worked so hard in the weeks prior, and showed up ready to perform and show off their stuff!


For the rest of the pictures from the Pumpkin Invitational, visit the ASI Facebook Page!

Mary Kate is the Gymmie Kids Coordinator and the time and effort put into the program is immeasurable. She works hard to train new coaches on Gymmie Kids, and has many students herself. ASI wants to give a huge thank you to Mary Kate for continuing this program and creating these semi-annual competitions. There is no doubt that every athlete enjoys this meet, and they look forward to it every year! All of the hard work is worth it when they show up to the meet and are able to show everyone what they have been working on.

Undoubtedly, the ASI Gymmie Kids Meet is the best day of the year! See you at the spring competition!