As the season of thankfulness approaches, it’s nice to take a minute to step back and appreciate all that we are thankful for in life. Here at ASI, we are thankful for the sport of gymnastics! As much as gymnastics is about fun, there are valuable lessons to be learned, and qualities that we can be thankful for.

Reasons we are thankful for gymnastics:

  1. Friendships: The friendships created in the sport of gymnastics are beautiful thing. Your child goes to gymnastics every week, and after every class the ride home includes stories of what happened in class and who they met. You slowly realize that they start mentioning a name or two from class. After a few weeks, they know all of their classmate’s names. Then, your child gets to see that other child every week and it is someone they can call a friend, making your child happy and excited to always come back. It’s wonderful when our students create friendships with each other; it brings the gym together, and the children love coming back to learn each week!
  2. Life lessons: The sport of gymnastics teaches life lessons such as patience, self-esteem, confidence, bravery, sharing, and caring! Your kids learn different valuable lessons from not only their coaches, but their peers as well.
  3. Our coaches: Our coaches put in hours of work and education to making sure our young athletes can be as successful as possible! If it wasn’t for them, gymnastics wouldn’t be the same!


For more pictures of the many smiles at ASI Gymnastics, visit the ASI Facebook Page!


We asked a few of our coaches how they felt about their students, and this is why they said they are thankful:

  • “I’m so thankful for all of my kids because they make me smile, they show me that it’s okay to be silly in public, and that laughter is the best medicine. But more than anything they drive me to be the best version of myself. All the kids I’ve had the pleasure of coaching throughout the years have shaped me into the coach I am today and I’m so thankful.” -Krista, ASI The Woodlands
  • “I am so thankful for coaching the kids that I do because they always put a smile on my face, and I love to see the students I coach each week improve.” -Sean, ASI Plano West
  • “I can definitely say that I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from every single kid that walks into the gym, whether I am learning more about who they are and what they’re interested in, or if it’s learning how to better connect with them and what I can do better as a coach to help them strive.” -Darian, ASI Firewheel
  • “I’m thankful for coaching my kids because they bring a different level of happiness, and to see them run into the gym with a huge smile on their faces, greeting me with a big hug lets me know that I have some type of impact on them which pushes me to be a better coach.” -DeeDee, ASI Arlington
  • “I am extremely thankful to get to be just a small part in these kids lives. They make me a better person inside and out so it’s my job to make sure they leave ASI sweaty, sore, and with a smiling face.” -Carly, ASI Mesquite
  • “I’m thankful for my kids because they brighten up my day! I love helping them learn new skills and seeing their faces light up with excitement! It’s the best!” -Anna, ASI Allen

Our coaches are SO thankful to coach each and every one of their students, and ASI Gymnastics is thankful to not only have all of these amazing coaches, but for the amazing students that walk through the doors.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for YOU!