Coach Sascha has been coaching as ASI Allen for about five months now! She specializes in coaching Power Tumbling and loves all of her Silver and Gold tumbling classes. She went to Allen High School and now attends Collin College. To stay fit, Coach Sascha practices regularly with her cheerleading team, and also tumbles and stunts in her free time.

When asked about her background with children, she said, “As a coach of the Scott Johnson middle school cheerleaders for the past three years prior to my job at ASI, I have been very comfortable with an environment that combines my knowledge as an athlete and my ability to teach children.”

Her personal athletic background includes being a worlds level cheerleader for Cheer Athletics for almost six years. This year she is excited to be on Coalition6, a small international coed level 6 cheerleading team. She says, “this sport is now my passion and I strive to use everything I learn from it to become a better coach, athlete, and person.”

She describes her coaching style as purposeful, effective, and logical. She admires ASI for how structured it is…”from classes to camp, there is a certain way to go about each product, meaning there are built in precautions making it feel like a process that has been through many trials and errors to find what is just right.”  We are so happy to have Coach Sascha here at Allen and her experience as an athlete to teach these kids some awesome tumbling skills!



Alia has worked at ASI Arlington for almost six months, and she is becoming one of the parent’s favorite. She coaches Tiny Tots, Kidz Gym, and Girls Gymnastics. Her parents love that she is patient, understanding, and always incorporates versatility to her classes.

Alia was a nanny for a couple of years and babysat. She also worked at the church summer camp for a couple of years. She played volleyball for ten years, for both school and club teams, all the way through her senior year. She received volleyball offers, but didn’t take them because she wasn’t in love with the sport anymore.

“I love that when you are given a class, the students in the class become like family. My kids always tell me that they loving coming to my class.” This was her confirmation that she loved her job. Kids learn that you can still have fun while learning, becoming flexible, and developing social skills.

Alia loves coaching at ASI!