The Practice Makes Perfect meet was the first one of the year, officially kicking off the competition season for 2016-2017! Competition season will run until April 2017.

The girls and boys of the ASI teams, ranging from Levels 1-6, have been working all year long at perfecting their skills and learning and memorizing their routines. The team coaches are trained on the compulsory routines so that they can teach them to their students. For the girls, there are memorized routines on Bars, Beam, and Floor, and the Vault is one skill. For the boys, there is a memorized routine on Bars, Floor, Still Rings, High Bar, Pommel Horse, and then Vault is one skill. All year long during the “off-season”, coaches work with their athletes not only on the memorized routines, but on strength and flexibility. It is important that the athletes work on preparing their bodies for competition season and the learning of next year’s skills. The athletes and coaches have put in hours of practice time to make sure that this season goes well!

For all competition pictures, visit the ASI Facebook Page! (They’re free!)

Cypress hosted the meet this past weekend and the ASI athletes, along with the outside gym athletes, did great!


Level 1 Large Team

  1. ASI Cypress
  2. ASI The Woodlands

Level 2 Large Team

  1. ASI The Woodlands

Level 3 Large Team

  1. ASI The Woodlands

Level 3 Small Team

  1. ASI The Woodlands
  2. Tx Tumblers

When reading results, you will notice a “Small Team” and a “Large Team”. A “Small Team consists of 3-6 gymnasts and the top 3 scores on every event are added together to determine their team score. A “Large Team” consists of 7 or more gymnasts and the top 5 scores on every event are added together to determine their team score. These same rules are used in TGGA, TAAF, and USAG. You can find out more competitive team information on the Team ASI Page or on the Team FAQ Page. Competitive team is an exciting step for a gymnast to take, especially when they have been working so hard in recreational classes! Congratulations to those who competed, and good luck to all of the athletes competing the rest of the season!