Happy 2017!  We are ringing in the new year in a BIG way with improvements to our Preschool Gymnastics Program. We are revamping and renovating and making exciting changes!

This year will be an exciting year for the Preschool program and we are so excited to introduce it to you. Make sure to schedule a FREE trial now!

Don’t forget: Preschool Open House is January 20 from 10-11:30am! FREE for everyone! Come out and have some fun!

Here are 5 things you can be on the lookout for in our new Kidz Gym program:

    1. A Focus on Social Skills: Your child will learn valuable social skills such as taking turns, interacting positively with instructors and classmates,and expressing emotions verbally. They will also begin to gain independence through our program.  
    2. More Advanced Skills: Your child will learn fundamental gymnastics skills on each Olympic apparatus and the trampoline. These skills are designed to progress from one level to another so each child can learn at a pace that works best for them!
    3. New Themes: We will still learn about things like sports, numbers, letters, and animals, but we’ve added new themes such as character traits, the body, places, and directions to give kids more to look forward to when they come to gymnastics. Our circuits and activities will center around a new theme each week your child comes to class.
    4. Safe Fun: Safety is at the center of everything we do. Your child will learn skills in a progressive way that keeps them from doing things before they are ready, how to fall out of everything safely, and will have fun with 50 minutes of nonstop movement!
    5. A More Focused Approach to Learning: Each week, coaches will follow a lesson plan that concentrates on different skills while still allowing your child to explore and play.  Each of our 10-minute rotations are structured and designed for the optimal experience of fun and learning.


For more pictures from last year’s Preschool Open House, check out the ASI Facebook Page!