5 Must Learn Social Skills for Your Child

The ASI Gymnastics Preschool Program incorporates social skills in every class. Children learn these fundamental skills to help them develop and succeed in school, sports and friendships. What better way for your child to learn than in gymnastics class?

Interact Positively with Others: Children who learn how to positively interact with others are setting the stage for quality relationships with peers and adults for their future. Within each class at ASI, students will learn these skills during music circle and playtime while establishing friendships.

Follow Directions: Children who learn to follow directions will be able to take instructions and understand fully the skills or tasks they are doing. This will help them learn to take responsibility for their actions not only in gymnastics but in school as well. During class at ASI, your child will learn to listen to the coach’s instructions and perform the skills at each circuit.

Taking Turns: Children who learn the importance of taking turns will be able to play cooperatively with others. During class at ASI, children will alternate on the equipment, trampolines and at playtime.

Express Emotions Verbally: Children who learn the importance of expressing emotions verbally find it easier to process different emotions and be able to voice them. At ASI, your child is encouraged to talk through emotions they’re feeling during class and learn how to positively express themselves.

Independence: Children will learn how to be independent while getting hands-on experience with trial and failure. This process will help build up their self-esteem as they face new challenges independently. At ASI, your child will exhibit bravery in each class by working through new obstacles freely.


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