This past weekend, team athletes represented ASI Gymnastics at three different competitions! ASI Allen hosted the Pretty in Pink Invitational, consisting of TGGA Level 1 and 2 athletes, and Level 3 and 4 athletes from other gyms in Texas. The boys Level 3 and 4 team athletes competed at ASI Arlington at the Superhero Showdown. Level 3-5 ASI athletes competed at the Texas Tough competition at the Arlington Convention Center.

We are just about half-way through the season, and the athlete’s routines are getting better and better. Their progress in the gym is really showing at these competitions, and all of their hard work is paying off. It is the middle of the season now, meaning that the thought of next season is already coming up. Coaches are thinking of ways to train new skills, and increase their athlete’s strength to not only progress this season, but to be ready for new and exciting skills on each event. Coaches are planning for next year’s season, conditioning their girls and boys to increase flexibility, agility, and strength, and they are getting ready for the rest of the season.

ASI is proud to have such amazing team athletes who show perseverance, hard work, and confidence in all that they do. Congratulations to all of the athletes that competed this past weekend and good luck for the rest of the season!


For all meet photos, visit the ASI Facebook!

Pretty In Pink Invitational Results

Level 1  Small Team

  1. ASI Mesquite
  2. ASI Rockwall

Level 1 Large Team

  1. ASI Allen
  2. ASI Plano West
  3. ASI Keller
  4. ASI Arlington
  5. ASI Lake Highlands
  6. ETTC
  7. ASI Firewheel

Level 2 Small Team

  1. ASI Rockwall
  2. PAW

Level 2 Large Team

  1. ASI Firewheel
  2. ASI Mesquite
  3. ASI Allen
  4. ASI Lake Highlands
  5. ASI Keller
  6. ASI Arlington
  7. ASI Plano West
  8. ETTC
  9. PAE

Superhero Showdown Results

Level 3

  1. ASI Rockwall
  2. ASI Lake Highlands
  3. ASI Allen
  4. ASI Cypress
  5. ASI Plano West

Level 4

  1. ASI Arlington
  2. ASI Keller
  3. ASI Allen

Texas Tough Results

Level 3 Small Team – ASI Keller – 1st Place

Level 3 Large Team – ASI Arlington – 1st Place

Level 3 Large Team – ASI Lake Highlands – 3rd Place

Level 4 Large Team – ASI Lake Highlands – 1st Place

Level 5 Small Team – ASI Lake Highlands – 2nd Place

Congratulations to the team girls at ASI Arlington for wining the Super Cup Champions Award for having the highest (3) all around scores out of all of the TAAF level 3, 4 & XG athletes!