What is Skills Camp?


A Skills Camp provides a focused, two-hour training on one or more areas of gymnastics.  This two-hour camp provides an opportunity for gymnasts to have more time in the gym to perfect current skills and learn new ones. Skills Camps include:

Tumbling Camp:

Tumbling Camp will focus on the fundamental tumbling skills that work to build to back handsprings and beyond.  Gymnasts will be put into groups according to their skill level.  They will begin with forward rolls, back rolls, handstands and cartwheels.  Once they master these skills, they will work toward roundoffs, back handsprings, back tucks, and much more.


Bars Camp:

Bars Camp will work to build upper body and core strength while building the fundamental skills on bars. Side stations will work the strength and shape needed to perform bar skills.  Stations with coaches will work bar skills such as chin up pullovers, back hip circles, and a variety of dismounts.


Strength and Conditioning Camp:

Strength and Conditioning Camp is all about athletic development.  This camp will take your athlete to various places in the gym where they will work on building strength, agility, balance, flexibility, and coordination.  


Gymnastics Camp:

Gymnastics Camp will take your gymnast to all four Olympic events as well as trampoline working to increase skill acquisition and confidence.  Vault will increase agility. Bars will build upper body strength, Beam will work balance. Floor will put flexibility, strength, and endurance to the test. Trampoline will teach your gymnast air awareness. Each event will have a focus on one to three elements.  All stations will work together to build a skill, set of skills, and increase strength. The trampoline rotation will work to increase coordination and air awareness in your gymnast.


Team Camp:

Team Camp is offered to current team members as well as our Gold and Advanced Gold Girls Gymnastics students.  This will allow the current team gymnasts to get in some extra practice, and current Gold and Advanced Gold gymnasts to experience what competitive team practice is like.  Gymnasts will be split up according to level and rotate to each Olympic event as well as a tumbling rotation.