Coach Casey has been a very enthusiastic, passionate, and joyful member of ASI for the past five years. She is one of our most cheerful coaches in Allen who can discipline their kids with a mixture of laughter and hard work! You can see this work ethic in the variety of gymnastics classes that she coaches starting from toddlers all the way up to level 3 team. Her favorite event to coach is bars!
Gymnastics has been a big part of Coach Casey’s life since she was a little girl. She was a competitive gymnast for 9 years before becoming a varsity cheerleader in high school. She has been coaching gymnastics on and off since she was 16 years old. Her background with children just doesn’t start and end there, for she studied physical education at Missouri State University and has worked with special needs children for over 2 years.
Coach Casey believes that a structured, encouraging and real atmosphere is beneficial for children to strive. She sincerely believes that “gymnastics is great for the overall development of kids, physically and mentally, but also it’s just very awesome!” She says “not only does gymnastics help develop courage, strength, team work and self motivation, but it teaches them how to work hard for what they truly want”. She loves coaching at ASI since we allow every student to experience gymnastics by teaching them to believe in themselves.  A fun, rewarding and challenging experience is what keeps Casey going and we can not wait to see the many more triumphs she brings to our gym with her strength and determination!


Our Coach this month is Sarah . Sarah is 22 and joined our gym January 2016 thanks to Coach Kiara who told her about the awesome opportunity we had for her to work here at ASI Arlington. Sarah has always been involved in gymnastics one way or another. She started going to gymnastics at the age of 4 and didn’t stop till halfway through her Senior year in high school. When she turned 14 she started babysitting to get aquanited with kids, once she turned 16 she started working at the gymnastics gymnasium that she took classes in and when she turned 18 she started lifeguarding for a family water park. Sarah attened high school at L.D Bell and then went on to UTA which is where she met Coach Kiara. Sarah enjoys reading the Bible and working out 24 hour fitness. Sarah loves coaching at ASI because everyone always has a fun attitude and holds each other accountable. She loves the classes she teaches which are Girls Bronze, Silver, and Gold plus she coached Girls Team Level 2 and assists in Level 1. Her favorite event to coach is bars, she loves that it takes a lot of dicipline and focus to succeed in gymnastics and she loves that she can help all her kids achieve that.


We have been fortunate to have Coach Trent with us for the past 3 years! He has shown off his talent in multiple programs such as boys gymnastics, power tumbling, parties, and other fun products, making him an obvious choice for our Coaches Corner! Trent loves gymnastics because he says “it cultivates balance, coordination, air awareness, strength, and speed, and these things translate well into almost any other sport.”

Trent is described as a hands on, energetic, and an encouraging coach and his kids are always excited for his class! What Trent loves the most about being able to coach his students is “the potential of being able to leave a lasting positive impact on my kids.” When Trent isn’t coaching he’s practicing martial arts which he has been doing since he was 7 years old, he says “it plays a major role in my life and how I see the world. It also lends itself surprisingly well to coaching gymnastics.”
Not only does Trent love working with his students, but also with his coworkers. Working with similarly goal oriented people, Trent has been able to develop positive relationships with his fellow coaches, and he says, “my coworkers are some of the best friends I have, and it is a wonderful to enjoy the work I do and the people who work with me.” We truly enjoy having Trent on our team, and look forward to working alongside him week after week!


Coach Brittany is new to ASI Keller, and has already made an impact on our students and staff. Brittany was a dancer as a child and a gymnast for fourteen years before retiring as a level 9 gymnast. At 21-years-old, Brittany is an experienced coach, having spent six years coaching at other gyms in the area before landing at ASI Keller. Brittany loves teaching children new skills and has coached beginning gymnastics up to level 8. Here at ASI, Brittany coaches girls classes at all levels and has a brand new Level 1 team! As a graduate of Birdville high school, Brittany currently attends TWU in Denton, where she stays fit by lifting weights and running.
Brittany has several years of experience with working with children. She started out babysitting and began coaching in her junior year of high school. Her favorite event to coach is balance beam! Brittany is a strict but energetic coach, and believes gymnastics is great for kids because it “builds strong character by teaching kids to overcome their fears. Gymnastics also makes kids very athletic. In my experience, a kid who can do gymnastics can play almost any other sport and excel at it”. Brittany loves ASI because it’s a fun place to work. “Everyone is so nice and friendly, and the energy in the gym is awesome!” We feel very lucky to have a coach with Brittany’s expertise. She is a great addition to team Keller!


Coach Chelsea at ASI Mesquite has been coaching for a little over a year now. She currently coaches Kidz Gym, Girls Bronze, and Girls Silver classes along with all fun products. ASI actually holds a special place in Coach Chelsea’s heart as she would regularly attend open gym as a child. As soon as she heard about the opportunity to coach here she knew it would be the perfect fit for her! She remembered how much she looked forward to open gym as a child and wanted to give other children that same excitement. Coach Chelsea feels that she has already formed a bond with so many kids through gymnastics.  “It allows each kid, from all shapes to engage in an activity that can help develop all parts of the body. It gives them a chance to learn discipline as well as guidance to becoming better athletes and human beings. Coach Chelsea mentioned one of reasons she loved coaching so much is because she, “gets to watch some of them grow from their first class in Kidz Gym and continuing to move on up.” ASI Mesquite feels so lucky to have a coach that makes it a priority to make a difference in these kids lives.   

Plano West

Joanne  is 24 and a very loved coach at ASI Plano West. She has been working with us for a year and a half. Here energy lights up our gym during classes. She coaches Kidz Gym and Girls Gymnastics. Her schooling was done at Texas High and UNT. Before ASI her main interaction with kids was babysitting. Coach Joanne shared some insight into her love for kids:

“I just have always had a passion and love of working with children. It wasn’t until ASI that I realize just how much working with kids makes me so happy”

Joanne’s favorite events to coach are bars and floor. She was a gymnasts in middle school, but up until college, her main focus was track and basketball. She still enjoys staying super active by going to the gym and still running like she did in track.

We can definitely see all the energy Coach Joanne has in each of her classes. Her classes and coaching are fun, entertaining, and encouraging. She is always updating her student’s parents about their progress. She greets her kids with a huge hug and excitement. We asked her what she thought made gymnastics great for kids,

“Its helps them learn about their body and the strength that they didn’t know they had. How to control their legs, arms, stomach, everything! They learn discipline and how to conquer fears because in gymnastics those two are important.”

Coach Joanne answered why she loves coaching at ASI,

“My kids! I can have a bad day but one class can just turn that all around. They are so animated and are like mini adults who make my job more fun! Plus, I have always had a passion for gymnastics, so being to combine two of my loves is EPIC!”

Coach Joanne loves coaching


Coach Kailee has been coaching at ASI Rockwall for a little over a year now. She currently coaches Our Recreational Girls Gymnastics classes – Bronze Level and several Kidz Gym classes. She also works many fun of our Fun Products, including Camp, Birthday Parties, Parents Night Out, and Open Gym.

Kailee says the thing she loves the absolute most about coaching at ASI is that she gets to work with great people and she has met great friends along the way. “It’s a great way to corporate my love for kids with my love for sports.”



The Woodlands

Coach Kelly is a fun, upbeat, bold, and lively coach. She coaches Girls Gymnastics, and loves working at ASI because she loves that the kids can follow their skill improvement at home along with the coach. Coach Kelly thinks that gymnastics is great for kids because, “it is the building blocks for all fundamental skills needed for their future growth in athletics. It helps with coordination, agility, speed, power, balance, flexibility, and strength.”

Growing up Kelly did competitive gymnastics, was a swimmer, and did track. She has coached gymnastics for over five years, and just recently moved to Texas from New York. When she is not coaching kiddos she enjoys running, triathlons, and rock climbing. The Woodlands is so happy that Kelly made the move to Texas, she is a great addition to the team!