Lauren- Girls Gold

Q: Why do you love coming to gymnastics?
A: I love coming to gymnastics because I am able to do different skills and build my strength and flexibility. Another reason is that
I like having the opportunity to practice and work hard on skills every week. Plus there are so many other reasons too.

Q: What other sports do you enjoy?
A: I only do gymnastics. It’s my favorite!

Q: Who is your Coach?
A: Coach Megan

Q: Tell us why your coach is awesome!
A: Coach Megan is awesome because she helps us work on different events and she is very patient when we aren’t doing it correctly. She also gives very clear directions that are easy to understand.

Q: How long have you been a student at ASI?
A: Since I was 4 years old!

Q: What is your favorite event?
A: I love the bars!