ASI Gymnastics is and has always been appalled by the physical, sexual, and mental abuse of athletes. We strongly believe the gymnastics industry needs to adopt policies that protect all gymnasts. David Holley, CEO of ASI Gymnastics, presented his position at USAG National Congress last April. To watch the presentation, click here.

3/02/2018 – ESPN

Aly Raisman files lawsuit against USOC, USA Gymnastics. Read the full article here.

2/28/2018 – NBC News

U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun resigns after Nassar furor. Read the full article here.

2/27/2018 – USA Gymnastics

Six independent directors chosen for interim USA Gymnastics Board of Directors. Read the full article here.

2/24/2018 – Associated Press

US gymnasts tell AP sport rife with verbal, emotional abuse. Read the full article here.

2/23/2018- Dallas News

On Karolyi Ranch, gymnasts with Olympic dreams endured ‘perfect environment for abuse’. Read the full article here.

2/11/18- Indy Star

USA Gymnastics coordinator Valeri Liukin’s gym not immune to criticism for abuse. Read the full article here.

2/8/18- USA Today Sports

Oversight Committee says it will investigate USOC, USA Gymnastics and others. Read the full article here.

2/6/18- NBC News

Former U.S. Olympic gymnastics coach John Geddert under investigation. Read the full article here.

2/3/18- The New York Times

The F.B.I took a year to pursue the Larry Nassar case while dozens more were getting abused. At ASI Gymnastics, any hint of an allegation, even if the criminal justice system fails to act, leads to immediate termination and full cooperation with authorities. Read the full article here.

1/29/18- USA Today

Congress passes bill aiming to protect amateur athletes from abuse. Read the full article here.

 1/28/18- Indy Star

What’s next for USA Gymnastics? Read the full article here.

1/26/18- The Washington Post
This Washington Post Opinion article discusses years of physical abuse, the dangers of improper nutrition, and how these practices expose little girls to people like Larry Nassar. Read the full article here.
1/26/18- CBS NEWS

David Holley said families can expose abuse if they really pay attention and listen to their kids. Watch the full news segment here.

1/26/18- U.S. Olympic Committee

The U.S. Olympic Committee ordered the US Gymnastics board to resign by Jan. 31 or it will lose its certification as a national governing body. Read the full article here.

1/24/18- Shannon Miller Speaks Out

“More than 150 young women testified to the abuse they suffered at the hand of former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar before he was sentenced to life in prison, revealing how the sport failed to keep so many athletes safe. What changes need to be made for U.S. Gymnastics to move forward and prevent future abuse?” (PBS).

At ASI, we put your child’s safety above everything else. We stand with the survivors of this terrible tragedy that happened in our sport and wholeheartedly agree with this article that Olympian Shannon Miller wrote for PBS. Read the full article here.