Q: What gymnastics classes are you in?
A: Girls Gymnastics and Power Tumbling

Q: Why do you love coming to gymnastics?
A: I really like that it’s challenging. It shows me all kinds of people can do it and can achieve anything. Floor is my favorite because I like the running and I can use my power on the floor.

Q: What other sports do you enjoy?
A: I enjoy swimming and tennis.

Q: Who is your Coach?
A: Coach Gabrielle

Q: Tell us why your coach is awesome!
A: She’s nice, if we are struggling she’s confident, generous, and lifts you up. She supports you.

Q: How long have you been a student at ASI?
A: A couple of months.

Q: What is your favorite event?
A: Floor!

Q: From the parent- Why ASI?
A: The reason we considered ASI was because we needed a place that was professional, structured, and friendly.

Q: From the parent- How is your child benefiting from gymnastics?

A: Jaala benefits from gymnastics because it motivates her to keep pushing and trying until the skill is mastered.