Congratulations to all of the athletes and coaches on a great season!

Our USAG level 4-5 Boys competed at the Level 4-7 North State Championships this past weekend. This was the last meet of the 2017-2018 season for our USAG Boys! Congratulations to ASI Firewheel who placed 2nd in the Level 4 (10-11 yr) Team Competition! We can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Level 4  Team:
2nd  ASI FW
Level 4 (9yr.) :
Logan: 1st Floor Exercise / 4th All-Around
Level 4 (10 yr.):
Broderick : 3rd Floor Exercise / 1st Pommel Horse / 1st Rings / 3rd Vault / 4th Parallel Bars / 4th High Bar / 2nd All-Around
Michael: 3rd Pommel Horse / 2nd Parallel Bars / 5th All-Around
Level 4 (11 yr.):
Humza: 2nd Floor Exercise / 4th Rings / 5th Vault / 5th High Bar / 3rd All-Around
Yadiel: 5th Floor Exercise / 5th Vault / 6th High Bar / 6th All-Around
Landon: 2nd Floor Exercise / 1st High Bar / 9th All-Around
Dean:  5th Floor Exercise / 4th Vault / 6th Parallel Bars
Matthew: 5th Pommel Horse / 6th Parallel Bars
Hayden: 4th Pommel Horse
Gabriel: 6th High Bar
Moises: 6th High Bar
Level 5 (10 yr.):
Xabryus: 11th Floor Exercise / 9th Parallel Bars / 4th High Bar / 15th All-Around
Casey: 6th Rings / 1st Vault / 9th Parallel Bars / 8th High Bar / 10th All-Around
Level 5 (11+):
Daniel: 13th Floor Exercise / 10th Vault / 11th Parallel Bars / 10th High Bar / 9th All-Around
Christopher : 9th Pommel Horse / 11th Rings / 14th High Bar / 15th All-Around
Weston: 10th Floor Exercise / 23rd All-Around
Aiden: 14th Rings / 25th All-Around
Evan : 10th Floor Exercise / 4th Vault
Schuyler: 10th Vault