Q: What gymnastics classes are you in?
A: Girls Team and Power Tumbling

Q: Why do you love coming to gymnastics?
A: I enjoy gymnastics because it is challenging. When I master a new skill

I always feel a sense of accomplishment.

Q: What other sports do you enjoy?
A: Fencing and Ice Hockey.

Q: Who is your Coach?
A: Coach Julio, Coach Taryn, and Coach Jennifer.

Q: Tell us why your coach is awesome!
A: My coaches are awesome because they work hard to help me achieve my goals.

Q: How long have you been a student at ASI?
A: Two years.

Q: What is your favorite event?
A: Beam!

Q: From the parent- Why ASI?
A: ASI, has been a very good experience for us. They have always been very communicative and

forthcoming about how our child was progressing and what they felt would be in her

best interest for her to be a successful gymnast.

Q: From the parent- How is your child benefiting from gymnastics?

A:I feel my child benefits from gymnastics in many different ways. She has learned to listen

closely to her coaches, and to take constructive criticism and use it to her benefit.

I feel she has learned to communicate better with other adults and peers

through her experiences at ASI. She has also learned the importance of

practicing patience, respect, and humility in her life and how it isn’t a weakness but a strength when dealing with others.