Q: What gymnastics classes are you in?
A: Boys Gymnastics.

Q: Why do you love coming to gymnastics?
A:  I love coming to gymnastics because I have a good coach and it’s fun!

Q: What other sports do you enjoy?https://asigymnastics.com/?p=81515&preview=true
A: I enjoy baseball, soccer, basketball, and football.

Q: Who is your Coach?
A: Coach James.

Q: Tell us why your coach is awesome!
A: My coach is awesome because he’s funny.

Q: What is your favorite event?

A: Trampoline.

Q: How long have you been a student at ASI?

A: 8 months!

Q: From the parent- Why ASI?
A: We tried the class and he enjoyed it so we stayed.

Q: From the parent- How is your child benefiting from gymnastics?

A: Dustin is benefiting from gymnastics because it encourages him to try things

he does not know how to do, be active, and compete against others.