Coaches Corner: Coach Paul

Q: How long have you coached at ASI?

A: I have coached at ASI for 11 months.

Q: What do you do to stay fit?

A: Workout.

Q: What makes gymnastics so great for kids?

A: Gymnastics provides kids with numerous opportunities. Gymnastics not only helps kids be active

but it also helps kids that do multiple sports such as building strength, flexibility, and agility.

But most importantly, kids have fun while doing so.

Q: What do you love most about coaching at ASI? Why?

A: Making those connections with the kids and also watch them work tirelessly

to achieve a skill or a goal they set for themselves. Its not better feeling than being apart of someones happiness!

Q: What is your personal athletic background?

A: I played football my whole life, I did boxing when I was younger , and also ran track my middle school and high school years.

Q: Describe your coaching style .

A: Patient, energetic, determined!

Q: What is your favorite class to coach?

A: Power Tumbling.

Q: Who is your favorite Super hero?

A: Hulk