December Coaches Corner: Coach Lauren

Q: How long have you coached at ASI?

A: I have coached at ASI for 2 years.

Q: What do you do to stay fit?

A:  Work with kids!

Q: What makes gymnastics so great for kids?

A: It teaches them structure, helps them set goals, and builds them for any sport in the future.

Q: What do you love most about coaching at ASI? Why?

A: My kids. The only thing I have ever wanted to do is be a mom and this gives me my passion to work with kids.

Q: What is your personal athletic background?

A: I have played soccer since I could walk. I was on a competition team, varsity, and the jr Olympic team.

I got to travel to Europe for a summer to play before I had brain surgery which ended my soccer career.

Q: Describe your coaching style.

A: Fun, but disciplined!

Q: What is your favorite event to coach?

A: Trampolines!

Q: Who is your favorite Superhero?

A: Captain America.