The support for continuing our CDC protocols has been overwhelming. We wish to thank our loyal customers as ASI Gymnastics works to protect the safety of our Coaches, your children, and the families we serve. We are unique as our coaches interact with hundreds of children and parents every week. So, the risk of exposure is elevated. 

When we reopened in June we adopted strict protocols including mat cleaning, social distancing when possible, ventilation, and masks for all staff and parents.  We also use very specific spotting techniques and we video trace any reports of possible exposure to COVID and require quarantine and testing as necessary. All of this is managed by our ASI COVID Safety Team. 

The results are outstanding. Since we reopened 8 months ago, we have not had a cluster outbreak at any of our 10 locations. In addition, all but a very few cases are considered Community Spread. This means the individual reports they contracted COVID via a family member or at some location outside of ASI Gymnastics. We immediately isolated the individual with full pay. 

At ASI Gymnastics, we feel that it will take about 10 more weeks to vaccinate our staff and enough parents to allow us to ease restrictions. So, we are pleading with all of our customers to continue to wear masks and social distance while attending ASI Gymnastics for the Safety of our Coaches and other families.  We will continue to update you with progress. 

If you have questions or concerns please email



David Holley

CEO, ASI Gymnastics

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