Our History

ASI Gymnastics owners, David and Debi Holley, have had a passion for gymnastics for many years. From the first ASI location in Mesquite, which opened in 1991, the Holley’s goal was to provide children with a fun, safe learning environment for kids to progress and grow their skills in gymnastics.

Debi, a Certified Public Accountant, enjoyed gymnastics and cheerleading throughout her youth. She is very dedicated to charity work, primarily through Rotary, many Education Foundations and ASI Children Charities. Debi is also the Chief Financial Officer of ASI Gymnastics.

David is an Industrial Engineer who is dedicated to serving youth and development of young children. David currently serves as the President of The Epilepsy Foundation of Texas, Dallas / Fort Worth, and is the Chief Operating Officer of ASI Gymnastics.

David and Debi have two sons, Eric and Joshua Holley. Eric, an accountant, lives in Dallas. Joshua, a financial consultant, lives in Austin, Texas. Both grew up in gymnastics, but soccer dominated their sporting career.

For more than 20 years, ASI has offered quality gymnastics in Texas. ASI operates eight locations in North Texas and opened its newest facility in The Woodlands in February 2012.

Our Mission Statement

To offer the best gymnastics instruction possible to each child at their level.

At ASI, safety is our top priority. Every decision we make attempts to accentuate the physical, emotional and mental development of the athlete. We hope the gymnast has as much fun as possible while learning at the optimal level. We strive to challenge the gymnast as much as possible, while allowing the gymnast to continue to love the sport!

Coach Jessica Burks

“The simplest way to put it is I love ASI Gymnastics. This is a company where the owners, managers, sales people, and coaches are the most bighearted and genuine people. Everybody here has the best intentions: To make sure every child gets the best gymnastics experience no matter what their age or capability. It really is all about the kids here at ASI.”

We believe that outstanding performance is achieved by the accumulation of skill and confidence in a progression. Gymnastics is the best sport in the world to teach this discipline, a quality that benefits a child in gymnastics and in life!

Our teaching priorities are safety, fun and skill acquisition.

Annual Staff Training

Every year around the end of summer, ASI hosts its annual Staff Training for all ASI employees. This event brings all ASI locations together for a day of CRAZY FUN! Its purpose is to drive bonding and a fun day to celebrate the hard work of all its employees.

Sales Rep Kristen Van Story

“I love being part of a team at ASI. I actual feel that my team is my family. Not only do we work together but we hang out outside of work. I get to work with my friends every day!”

Most employee refer to it as, “The best time of the year!” Every ASI employee that currently works at the time of Staff Training is invited to join. ASI treasures its employees and likes to reward their hard work and effort at this fun event every year.

Get to Know Our Staff

Read our Coach’s Corner stories for more information on our employees and why they love working at ASI.