Marketing Manager

Responsible for all marketing communication. Media include website, promotional emails, social media platforms, printed material, and lobby graphics. The Marketing Manager is responsible for analytics, and creating systems to measure the effectiveness of all media campaigns and communications. Must be able to develop new methods to engage its customers in the gyms as well as on social platforms including all inbound marketing channels. The Marketing Manager creates the annual schedule and works very closely with Sales to develop and implement the Sales Process. Reports to the Director of Marketing.

Graphic Designer

Handle all promotional material in the gyms including posters, flyers, wall graphics, and gym signs. Experts in managing the company’s brand through its marketing campaigns and the development of new products. Complete projects by coordinating with outside art services and printers. Responsible for taking photos in the gyms to use for campaigns.

Purchasing Manager

Manages all purchasing activities. Evaluates and approves vendors and authorizes purchase requests for goods or services. Researches, interviews and negotiates with suppliers to obtain prices and specifications. Analyzes changes or new issues in materials and supplies to find ways to reduce costs and improve quality.

Depot Coordinator

Coordinates order fulfillment, administration and shipping. Oversees the order tracking process and ensures orders are processed in accordance with the organization’s customer service standards. Ensures adequate inventory levels are maintained to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize cost. Coordinates print production jobs and print specifications for Marketing. Provides routine administrative support.

Gymnastics Product Development

Creates, defines and documents gymnastics products in order to meet the needs of prospective and current customers. Areas of focus include lesson plans, rotations, coaching standards, training and trainer programs, and systems for placement and advancement evaluations and mobility of team gymnasts.