In response to COVID-19, the ASI Safety Team will review all reported student and staff health concerns. In the event of a positive COVID-19 result, the safety team will determine potential exposure and contact any individuals at risk by phone and/or email.

ASI is proud employees are taking the necessary measures to keep our community safe by wearing face coverings, taking temperatures prior to work, and disinfecting all mats/equipment after each rotation. We have asked all employees to quarantine and seek a medical diagnosis if they are concerned they’ve been exposed to the virus, whether at work or through community spread.

To be transparent with the ASI Community, we have published statistics regarding employee COVID-19 test results. Please note, personal employee information will remain confidential in accordance with ADA regulations.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact

Tested: Employee is isolating awaiting a medical diagnosis
Negative: Employee tested negative for COVID-19
Positive: Employee tested positive COVID-19

Employee Testing Statistics

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Allen0541AL employee positive. Last shift 7/17/20. Community spread
Cypress0321CY employee positive. Last shift 7/11/20.
Keller1981KE employee positive. Last shift 7/3/20. Community spread
Lakewood0431LW employee positive. Last shift 06/22/20. Community spread.
Mesquite0752ME employee positive. Last shift 7/8/20.
ME employee positive. Last shift 7/11/20.
Plano West0330
Rockwall1541RO employee positive. Last shift 7/14/20. Community spread.
The Woodlands0330
Latest Update:A Negative Test Result was added on 09/22/20

*Testing data is updated Monday-Friday during regular business hours as needed.