What qualifies my child for Gymmie Kids classes?

A gymmie kid is a child who may have an intellectual disability, developmental delay, physical disability, emotional or behavioral disorder, Deafness or hearing loss, blindness or low vision, health impairments, or a traumatic brain injury that causes impairment in their ability to learn gymnastics in a typical recreational setting.

How do I determine what class setting is right for my child?

After submitting the intake form and physician release form, you will be contacted to schedule an evaluation. This evaluation will determine the least restrictive and developmentally appropriate class setting for your child. Evaluations are performed by certified coaches.

What ages qualify for Gymmie Kids classes?

We currently offer Gymmie Kids classes for students ages 3-18.

What type of classes do you offer?

We offer two types of Gymmie Kids classes. The first option is a private lesson class, where your child is the only student in the class and has one on one instruction with a certified Gymmie Kids coach. The second option is a standard recreational gymnastics class, in which your child will be enrolled in a class of their choosing and have a “shadow coach” to give them extra attention and assistance.

What do the classes entail? Are they structured or unstructured?

The private lessons are structured, with coaches utilizing a mixture of both boys and girls gymnastics skills as well as strengthening and conditioning exercises to build an individualized plan based on the child’s particular needs. The classes with a shadow coach will follow the standard boys or girls gymnastics lesson plans.

How long are the classes?

  • Private lessons vary in length depending on the child’s needs and abilities and can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.
  • Recreational classes with a shadow coach are the length of the recreational class. Please see our recreational pages for further details.

When are Gymmie Kids classes offered?

  • Private lessons are typically scheduled at the availability of certified Gymmie Kids coaches as well as the availability of the potential Gymmie Kid.
  • Recreational classes with a shadow coach can be at any time there is a recreational class, provided there is a shadow coach available.

Do you offer a Gymmie Kids class with multiple children who have exceptionalities?

ASI offers semi-private lessons, however students must be within one gymnastics level of each other and have little to no aggressive behaviors.

What qualifications do Gymmie Kids coaches have?

Certified Gymmie Kids coaches go through a rigorous training program which includes one-on-one training with veteran Gymmie Kids instructors, courses on common disabilities, impairments, and disorders, and positive behavior intervention. Most importantly, certified Gymmie Kids coaches have a passion for special needs and exceptional children.

How do make-up lessons work?

Each child receives 3 FREE makeups per calendar year. After your 3 makeups, you may purchase a makeup or an extra class for $20 at any time. Make-up and extra classes are subject to availability, and you must be currently enrolled to schedule a make-up or an extra class. This policy is subject to further restrictions and changes. However, make-up lessons or a substitute will be provided in the event that your Gymmie Kid instructor for private lessons is ill or out of the gym.