Q: Will all classes start on June 1?

A: At this time we will be operating on a limited capacity. Our team and rec classes for ages 5+ will be the first to return. Preschool classes for ages 3 and up will begin on June 15 with a 3:1 ratio. Tiny Tots/Gymmie Kidz does not have a set return date at this time.

Q: Are we guaranteed our current class time/coach at the time or reopening?

A: Due to limited capacity, we may ask you to move to another available hour. This will vary depending on ASI location and demand for classes.

Q: How will social distancing be enforced during class?

A: ASI staff has created a limited and specific class rotation to ensure students are practicing social distancing rules. Between rotations, students will return to a designated and labeled staging area where their backpack or gym bag will be kept. Each student will be responsible for moving their bag between rotations. Cubbies and water fountains will be closed. 

Q: Will coaches be spotting students during classes?

A: Beginning June 15, spotting will begin like normal. Classes will be focused on more skills and more hands-on training. 

Q: If we are ready to return to class on June 1st, when will we be drafted for June tuition? 

A: June tuition will be drafted on Friday, May 29th. Not on autopay? Tuition will be due June 1st and can be paid through the parent portal or in person the first week of June.

Q: What if we have makeups to schedule?

A: Each ASI location will be offering a time slot each week designated for makeup classes. We are working to specify times and will communicate with you once confirmed. 

Q: Are parents allowed to accompany their child to class?

A: Due to limited capacity, we are only allowing one parent per child. No siblings or adults over 65 years of age will be allowed in the gym. Drop off is always an option and is encouraged at this time. We do ask that parents bring a yoga mat or cushion to sit on as seating will be limited.

Q: What are your cleaning procedures?

  •  Cleanings before, during, and after each workout
  •  Overnight deep cleaning and disinfecting
  •  Extra staff designated to help with cleaning during each shift
  •  Students will sanitize hands after each rotation.

Q: Do you require face coverings in the gym?

A: Face coverings aren’t required but are encouraged.

Q: Does my child need to bring anything specific to class?

A: Yes! All Gymnasts will be required to bring a backpack or gym bag to class with a water bottle and hand sanitizer. ASI water fountains will be closed. 

Q: What happens if we forget our bag and don’t have hand sanitizer?

A: ASI will have small bottles of sanitizer available to purchase at our sales kiosk.

Q: Are camps, birthday parties, open gym, and PNO starting June 1?

A: Summer Camp and Parties will start back on June 1 with new procedures. At this time. PNO and Open Gym do not have a set return date.

Q: When will Gymnastics After School enrollments begin?

A: At this time we do not have a return date for our GAS program.  We are monitoring the school districts closely.  Once we have a more accurate idea of when schools will begin and we feel it’s safe, we will begin to book enrollments!

Q: How will you take temperatures at the gym?

A: ASI staff will be using a touchless thermometer to check the temperature at all ASI locations. This will include ASI staff, ASI students, and parents. The normal temperature is 96-100℉. 

Q: What does “25% capacity” look like for ASI Plano West? Is that number inclusive of students, coaches, other staff, and parents? What would be the total number of people that will be allowed in the gym at one time?

A:  We have a maximum occupancy for each ASI facility and that includes all people (staff, parents, and students).  Based on these limitations, we have limited the number of classes per hour we will offer. In addition, we are asking that only one parent attends with each student. This will assure we stay well below the mandated guidelines.

Q.  Has the ventilation system of the gym been looked at?

A: Yes. We are concerned about ventilation. You will notice the fans will be at full speed and the HVAC systems along with filtration will help minimize loads in the facility and greatly enhance drying times.

Q. While we understand the adults will be encouraged to wear masks, what measures are being taken to reduce the risk of the spread between the students themselves?

A: Students will use their own equipment and mats. Each will be sanitized between rotations. Students will also respect physical distancing, use hand sanitizer often, and drink from their own water bottle.  Physical contact with the coach will be avoided except for safety reasons.

Q. Are students allowed to wear face covers, such as neck gaiters if they desire?

A: Yes, we do want the kids to feel safe. However, we must also ensure physical safety, so the student must be able to spot landings. Visibility is very important in gymnastics. Final decisions on safely performing skills will be the coaches’ decision.

Q. How will the seating be designated on the bleachers?

A: We have marked locations that are 6 ft apart. We also have a hygiene coach that will assist parents.  Seating is very limited.

Q. The questionnaire did not appear to allow for the notation of multiple classes, e.g. if the student had both a Team Class and a Power Tumbling Class.

A: We have a designated holding area in the gym. If a student has multiple classes, the student will temporarily go to this location with a hygiene coach at the end of the first class, and then proceed to the next class as the next coach calls the class.

Q. What will the Team classes look like initially? Will they simply be two hours of conditioning? Will the equipment be phased in at some point?

A:  We will incorporate equipment static, dynamic, and active conditioning. All apparatus will be used to help redevelop strength and fundamentals leading to skill acquisition. We are confident that the focus on solid fundamentals with discipline will actually benefit our gymnasts!

Q. Will we be notified prior to each phase of re-opening (e.g. when the capacity amount will increase, changes in procedure, etc.).

A: Yes. The ASI Safety team is constantly monitoring CDC and State standards. We hope to meet and/or exceed standards at all times.  Our commitment is to protect the health and safety of our valued coaching staff and then give your children the best experience possible given this unprecedented situation.  We hope to hug each kid as soon as possible and you will be the first to know.

Q. At this time, does it appear that there will actually be a meet season for the Teams?

A: USAG, TxUSAG, and TAAF are constantly planning. It is too early to predict. Of course, we hope.

Q. Will our fees be adjusted or prorated for the meets that were canceled last season due to COVID-19?

A: Yes, expect the tuition assessments moving forward to reflect adjustments due to cancelations.

Q. Will our fees be adjusted or prorated this season if for some reason the meets are not able to occur as scheduled?

A: We have not made decisions on this, but look for announcements very soon.