Cartwheel Clinics

Cartwheel Clinic will focus on drills and techniques needed to master your Cartwheel. Ages 4+

$28 per session

Back Handspring Clinics

Back Handspring Clinic
will focus on conditioning, strengthening, and drills needed to perfect your back handsprings! Ages 5+.

$28 per session

Kip Clinics

Kip Clinic will work to increase upper body and core strength while building the fundamental skills needed for a Kip. Ages 5+.

$28 per session

Skills Clinics ScheduleDay
Cartwheel Skills ClinicMonday, June 10
Monday, June 24
Monday, July 8
Monday, July 22
Monday, August 5
Back Handspring Skills ClinicTuesday, June 11
Tuesday, June 25
Tuesday, July 9
Tuesday, July 23
Tuesday, August 6
Kip Skills ClinicWednesday, June 12
Wednesday, June 26
Wednesday, July 10
Wednesday, July 24
Wednesday, August 7

Can I attend Summer Camp?

Come to a Skills Clinic and attend AM or PM Summer Camp for an additional $15 per session.