“I get to spend lots of time with so many wonderful kids and wonderful co-workers. You can hardly call it work!” -Caitlyn Dickson, Coach

“The simplest way to put it is I love ASI Gymnastics. This is a company where the owners, sales people, and coaches are the most bighearted and genuine people. Everybody here has the best intentions: To make sure every child gets the best gymnastics experience no matter what their age or capability. It really is all about the kids here at ASI.” -Jessica Burks, Coach

“I love that I get to impart my love for gymnastics on the kids. It’s way more fun than an ordinary job.” -Dylan Inserra, Coach

“I love working at ASI, because I have never been around so many people that truly love what they do. It is so refreshing to come to work every day and loving every minute of it.” -Jessica Garrisi, Coach

“No matter how bad of a day I’m having, walking in and seeing my kids can turn it around and make it great!” -Jacob Griffin, Coach

“I love that we get to be as crazy and creative as we want to be!” -Danielle Scruggs, Coach

“ASI has been great with my school schedule. I took a break from school and was working full time for the longest, however when I was ready to go back to school they worked with me to help me be successful in my transition.” -Lindley Hopkins, Coach

“I love how rewarding and accommodating my job is. ASI offers a variety of training in any position they offer. If I want to coach the toddlers or Team, they will go out of their way to schedule proper training. ASI has also helped me reach my dream of becoming a nurse through their educational assistance program for employees. I am thrilled to say I’m graduating from college without any loans or any debt!” -Brittany Haynes, Coach

“ASI is very accommodating with scheduling so I’m able to work in the morning and still be home with my kids in the afternoon. It is very hard to find a “mom” job, but ASI has been the perfect job for me!” -Julie Forcier, Coach

“ASI is fun and not like the usual job. You’re not just sitting behind a desk all day; you’re up and active. Everyday is a different adventure.” -Briann Jones, Coach

“The atmosphere at ASI is great. You could have the worst day and the moment you walk through those doors, the kids’ eyes light up.” -Sydney Mayeux, Coach

“I love that they are willing to learn. One of my favorite things to do is help them with their homework, which I get to do in our Gymnastics After School program. Just knowing that I’m helping them with their education makes me happy.” -Leith Waithe, Gymnastics After School Coach

“ASI is a fun loving, energetic gym that prides itself in meeting the needs of all our families. The sales staff is a huge part of the gym staff & we are always interacting with our families.” -Katie Lunn, Sales Rep

“Walking into work everyday feeling a sense of belonging is the most fulfilling part of this job for me. I know that I have support on all sides of me helping me to do the best job that I can. My co-workers are all extremely friendly and cheery! Everyone has the understanding that we are all apart of a team, and that makes it a wonderful work environment and one of the best parts of my job.” -Jessica Trinque, Sales Rep

“When you become a sales representative you become a part of the ASI family. Not only doyou become a part of a huge family, you also make long lasting impressions to the children that come here; and for that you will always be thankful.” -Ashley Misuraca, Sales Rep

“I enjoy hearing the stories about how much they love coming to ASI and seeing their faces as we get them enrolled ! They are so excited to find out that they are now signed up!” -Francine Hunt, Sales Rep

“To be successful in this position I think it takes a warm, open personality and someone who is willing to go above and beyond for our families. It’s also a plus if you are a multi-tasker and have incredible problem solving skills!” -Katie Winniford, Sales Supervisor

One day I might walk around and talk like a pirate, and one day I might use pool noodles for arms. It is way better than folding clothes or working a cash register. No matter what I do the kids always cheer me on and support me. I love what I do because I get to do what I love.” -Alex Euziere, Fun Event Supervisor

“I think the best part of my day is walking in the front door and being bombarded with kids jumping on me. My main goal each day I work is to make sure every kid leaves the gym feeling important. When they come back the next day I know I did my job!” -Elise Witcher, Camp Staff

“I love the relationships that you build with each kid and teaching them how to find their inner awesomeness.” -Sila Issa, Camp Staff

“ASI has become like family. Which is important to me because my family is still back home in Cali. They welcomed me from day one, lol as crazy as I can be and they allow me to be myself without judgement.” -Brittany Watson, Camp Staff

“I love that I can have fun and be myself and get paid at the same time!” -Brianna Easley, Camp Staff