ASI Gymnastics Takes a Look at Balancing Winning at All Costs versus Safety in Gymnastics

During 2017, the gymnastics industry is in the news with many allegations of abuse. The subject motivated David Holley, owner of ASI Gymnastics to speak out on methods to assure child safety and minimize abuse in child sports. ASI Gymnastics video explores the role of governing bodies in sports, and the use of technology, specifically video surveillance to protect athletes and coaches in sports today.

The video delves into the history of ASI Gymnastics and how safety is designed to swiftly investigate any incident, and especially serious allegations of abuse. Abuse at ASI Gymnastics includes physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse.

This documentary discusses several allegations that occurred at ASI Gymnastics since 1991. ASI had two coaches convicted of abuse prior to 2002. In 2002, ASI installed video in all of their gym locations. All three allegations since that time were proven false by video, and no action was taken.

David Holley hopes this will inspire others in youth sports, but specifically in gymnastics to value child safety ahead of win at all cost, and adopt policies that protect children, coaches, and the integrity of youth sports.