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Level 4&5 State Competition

This past weekend the Level 4s and 5s competed in their TAAF State Competition hosted at Texas Best Gymnastics! These girls put in 9+ hours in the gym each week only to be best prepared for the state competition. They not only put in hours of work on routines and skills, but on flexibility and strength as well. This was their seventh and last competition of the season and the girls finished strong! ASI couldn’t be more proud! Continue reading…

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Graduating High School Seniors 2016

This year, ASI Gymnastics has a total of 52 graduating seniors!

ASI has a scholarship program that allows seniors to be eligible to earn money back based on the number of hours they have worked and the amount of money they have made. The founders of ASI Gymnastics encourage a continued education, and many coaches continue to work for ASI Gymnastics as they attend college and earn a degree. Continue reading…

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ASI Girl’s Team Program

What a great season it was for the girl’s competitive team program! We are so proud of all of our athletes for their great accomplishments this year! It is now time to look back on our performance for the season, the scores we received, and what our strengths and weaknesses were. Now, it is important to evaluate the season; this helps us to be proactive about the next season moving forward.
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