What a great season it was for the girl’s competitive team program! We are so proud of all of our athletes for their great accomplishments this year! It is now time to look back on our performance for the season, the scores we received, and what our strengths and weaknesses were. Now, it is important to evaluate the season; this helps us to be proactive about the next season moving forward.

When it comes to the levels of team, it can be tricky to say when gymnasts should and shouldn’t move up a level. In a perfect world, a gymnast will move up one level each competition season. Why wouldn’t that make sense? It is that way in school, so why not in gymnastics? This, however, is a big misconception in the sport. Some skills take longer to learn than others. A higher level of competition means harder skills, stronger muscles, and sharper form. This can cause a shift in the moving up process. One gymnast may move up to Level 3 after competing one year of Level 2. Another gymnast may need to spend two years competing Level 2 before they are ready to move up to Level 3. In fact, if we feel a gymnast is not ready to compete at their best at the next level, we will recommend for them to stay in their current level another year to get stronger, perfect the skills that they have, and be better prepared for the next level the following year. We are all about the gymnast’s success! We want them to walk into a competition with confidence in themselves and their routines. We also want parents and gymnasts to know that repeating a level does not mean that you are “behind the curve” or “being held back a year”. In fact, it means that you will be that much more prepared for the next year when you do move up to the next level.

We want to give a huge kudos to all of our girl’s team coaches for the hours of dedication they put into each of their teams! They helped our girls finish off a great competition season and we want to say a huge THANK YOU for all that you do! Keep a look out for our teams and skills camps coming this SUMMER!