Give your child a fun-filled birthday at ASI! With party packages ranging from 90 to 150 minutes, we guarantee to have a party plan that will give your child a high-energy, active celebration to remember. Parents, sit back, enjoy the party and watch us do the rest!

3 years and up

Each package includes:

  • a minimum of two party coordinators
  • your own private party room
  • set-up
  • trampolines, games and pit fun
  • service in the party room for food, gifts and goodies
  • balloon for every child
  • birthday medal and ASI t-shirt for the birthday child
  • clean up

Parties are traditionally Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays; however, ASI will be happy to accomodate party times for another day of the week!

You provide the food, drinks, plate settings and decorations and we provide the fun!


Basic package:

  • 1 1/2 hour party
  • 1-25 participants
  • private party room
  • private floor time
  • $225 or 10,000 rewards points

Extended package:

  • 2 hour party
  • 1-25 participants
  • private party room
  • private floor time
  • $275 or 12,500 rewards points

Friday Open Gym party package:

  • 2 1/2 hour party (7-9:30 p.m.)
  • 1-25 participants
  • private party room
  • share gym with Open Gym attendees
  • $225 or 10,000 rewards points
*$35 for five additional kids for all packages.
*5,500 rewards points earns $100 off any party package.

It’s hassle-free for parents! 

Party Information

Upon arrival at the party all guests are required to be signed in at the registration desk by a parent/legal guardian.

In order to ensure safety, one parent of the birthday child may be present on the floor to take photographs. This parent must stay with the party coordinators at all times. Parents of other participants are not allowed on the floor. (Exception: If any participant is under three years of age, a parent must stay with the child at all times. The parent’s role is to assist the child in participating in the party). Parents and non-participants are not allowed on the equipment.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your party. The coaches will set up the room for you and help carry in your party supplies. If you are bringing food or having it delivered, please set up the food in the party room while the children are on the floor (during the first part of the party). You will have approximately 30 minutes to enjoy in the party room, depending on your party package. If you would like more or less time in the party room, please let your party coordinators know, and they will be happy to accommodate you.

A balloon for each party participant is provided. If you would like to purchase additional balloons, you may order them for $0.50 each. Please let us know your color preferences when we call to confirm your party.

No confetti or piñatas allowed.

ASI will call the Monday before the party to confirm.

Cancellation Policy:

Parties are non-refundable; however, if the customer needs to cancel the party, we will issue a store credit up to two weeks prior to the party. Once the party falls in the two week window, the party becomes non-refundable and/or transferable. Cancellations may not be made via voicemail or email. Parties that need to reschedule must be rescheduled within three months of the original booking date.

Party Checklist

_____ Candles
_____ Matches
_____ Table Cloths
_____ Plates
_____ Cups
_____ Eating utensils
_____ Napkins
_____ Serving Utensils
_____ Cake
_____ Ice cream
_____ Drinks
_____ Party favors
_____ Any Other Food