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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight- July 2017


Eleven-year-old David loves coming to his gymnastics class every week for the past three months! He is enrolled into our Gymmie Kids program and gymnastics is perfect for his very high energy level. David is is always up for a new challenge and recently mastered a monkey flip on the rings. David’s favorite event is the trampoline! Coach Ryan has noticed that David is getting stronger and stronger every week.

David’s parents feel that the coaches here at ASI are very dedicated to their students and are so kind and supportive. They feel that David is not only becoming more social, but he is also so much more confident. Aside from gymnastics, David enjoys playing the drums. David’s family heard about ASI from a friend. They are so happy that their friend recommended them to ASI and we are glad to have them a part of our ASI family.


We proudly present Rose as our student spotlight for the month of July! She has been with us at our gym for almost two years! Rose takes two classes a week in our Tiny Tots Level 2 class with both Coach Marcie and Coach Jasmine. She loves how energetic and engaging her coaches are because it makes her excited for class! Rose has become self confident and is able to trust in her abilities thanks to her awesome coaches! During class, Rose’s favorite event is the pit where she can play with the pit blocks! Along with gymnastics, Rose also enjoys swimming, running, and soccer!

Rose absolutely loves gymnastics because her favorite activities involve running, jumping, and climbing, so while learning and mastering her skills she gets to do all three in class! As Rose’s partner in class, Rose’s mom loves having her in gymnastics because, “From the moment she was able to move she has been very interested in climbing and jumping off things. We wanted to embrace it and provide her the tools to be better herself. Since ASI allows students as young as one, it was a perfect fit!”

During Rose’s time in her Tiny Tots Level 2 class she has learned coordination, listening skills, and how to take instruction. She has also learned vital life skills, such as patience, tolerance of others, and how to handle her emotions in varying situations. Rose’s coaches love having her in class and they can’t wait to see her grow even more as a preschool gymnast! Keep up the great work Rose!


Tiny Tot Sadie  is Keller’s spotlight student this month! Sadie enrolled in our Tiny Tots program shortly after her first birthday. Her mother is a teacher, but Sadie is not in daycare, so she was looking for an activity for Sadie in which she would be able to meet other kids and build her social skills. Over the past few months, Sadie’s parents have noticed that she “has grown immensely socially from gymnastics”, and they love watching her grow both socially and as a gymnast. At just 1 and a half years old, Sadie loves coming to gymnastics to interact with her coaches and friends. Her family has gained friends inside and outside the gym, which has been “such a wonderful experience!”.

Sadie is coached by Coach Kiersten, who adores Sadie and all of her Tiny Tots! Sadie’s parents recognize that it takes a special person to work with kids this young, and they can’t say enough good things about her! Sadie’s parents chose ASI Keller based on recommendations from friends in the community. Sadie was enrolled into our Tiny Tots program on her first birthday, and at the time, was barely walking. With the support of her coaches and other families, Sadie began thriving in our program, and has been doing great ever since! The concentration on her face when she’s working on her skills during class shows that she is a great gymnast and we are so excited to watch her grow!


Ryan at ASI Mesquite is only 5 -years-old and is already showing such a strong work ethic in his gymnastics class. Ryan started off in our Kidz Gym Level One class towards the end of last year with 2 of his sisters and is already in our Boys Bronze class with Coach Alex!  

Ryan’s mom says that he looks forward to to coming to class each week because “He loves accomplishing new challenges. Coach Alex really pushes him to try harder and do a great job. He loves when he gets to ring the bell!” Coach Alex enjoys having Ryan in class because he feels that he has made such a huge progress since he first began and always comes to class determined to get all of his skills down. Ryans favorite event at ASI is the rings!

Aside from gymnastics Ryan really enjoys playing football.

Ryan’s mom feels that ASI is great learning environment for her kids because “ It seemed like the best fit. After the first few classes and seeing how the coaches are with the kids we feel like it’s perfect!” We are so happy that the Smith family is a part of our ASI family. We all look forward to getting to see Ryan grow and progress in gymnastics.


Rockwall’s July Student Spotlight is Maci who is on Team level 2 with Coach Rebecca. She started at ASI Rockwall in August 2016 where is competed with Team Level 1. Great Job Maci keep up the great work!

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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight-June 2017


We are happy to announce that our Allen Student Spotlight for the month of June is Hannah! She has been growing in the sport of gymnastics with ASI for the past three years. Now at the age of 11, Hannah is a part of our level 3 team and looking forward to summer, with goals of advancing to level 4! Her favorite apparatus is bars. In addition to team, she also attends power tumbling classes. Hannah understands the value of having your tumbling one or two levels above your gymnastics and is currently enrolled in our power tumbling advanced gold where learning tumbling skills is endless!
What Hannah loves about ASI is seeing her favorite coaches and friends which makes her very happy. She thinks Coach Courtney is an awesome coach because she always helps her with new skills as well as inspires her to do better! Her parents admire the fact that gymnastics also teaches teamwork. We see so much potential in Hannah and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her!


Erin is a sweet 9-year-old who is on our Girls Team Level 3. She is also in our Power Tumbling Program level Advanced Gold. Erin has been with us for seven years, and she just absolutely loves it. She enjoys the way Coach James and Coach Mercedes teach as they make classes so much fun and challenging and she is always learning something new or perfecting the skills she has previously learned. Erin doesn’t just do gymnastics though, she loves to play softball during the spring season and volleyball during the fall. Gymnastics has helped her become stronger in those sports as well. Her parents are so proud of Erin for coming out of her shell and becoming such a strong gymnast as well as a confident person. She pushes herself to become better overall and they thank ASI for always putting the kids first and helping each kid become confident in their new skills.


Six-year-old Maddison is our June Student Spotlight in Cypress!  She has only attended ASI for a few months, but in that time she has learned a lot! Maddison is currently enrolled in our Gymmie Kids program and attends a Girls Gymnastics class with a shadow from Coach Emily.  Maddison said “Coach Emily is always there to help me and she makes sure I do my movements correct at all times.”  Maddison loves coming to gymnastics because she enjoys doing cartwheels & handstands and she loves learning how to make her skills stronger.  Her mom said “ Maddison has mild autism and gymnastics has allowed her to not only be able to fit in but she has made lots of friends.  She is able to focus and work on perfecting her skills – which is excellent since Maddison always strives for perfection.” In addition to gymnastics, Maddison stays active playing basketball and dancing. ASI Cypress cannot wait to see all that Maddison will learn as she continues in gymnastics!


Little Angelia is our spotlight student in Keller! Angelia is an extremely dedicated little girl, and she has pushed herself so hard to reach a goal she set for herself: promoting to Girls Gold Gymnastics! We are thrilled to announce that Angelia met this goal recently, and we couldn’t be prouder! In working towards her goal, Angelia, at just 6-years-old, created gymnastics homework for herself. Every night, Angelia would do 5 chin-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and handstands. She wanted to get stronger and she had her entire family joining her in this nightly routine. With two big sisters on team in Keller, she had a lot of help and guidance in working on her skills and has made beautiful progress. She passed her progress check, and Coach Ben said her skills were gorgeous! Angelia’s smile when she received her certificate was the very reason we do what we do here at ASI. Her parents have said they saw “her confidence in herself grow…she has grown so much and we are very proud of her.”

In addition to taking girls gymnastics classes, Angelia is also enrolled in our gymnastics after school program. She enjoys dance and soccer as well as gymnastics and is a very active little girl. She loves Coach Marissa because “she is funny” and loves gymnastics because she gets to learn new things and grow stronger. Since her favorite events are bars and rope, Angelia will need that strength as she continues her gymnastics! The Jackson family has been attending ASI for about five years and heard about our gym from other parents. They chose ASI because of its flexibility and how it fits into their life. We love having the girls in our after school program and their parents love that they can attend classes while they are at work. It’s been so great watching this family of gymnasts grow and we are so proud of Angelia for reaching her goal of joining our gold class. We can’t wait until she joins her sisters on team!

 Lake Highlands

ASI Lake Highlands is happy to give the student spotlight this month to Audrey! Audrey is 4-years-old and has been coming to ASI for over two years now. She is currently enrolled in our Kidz Gym program with Coach Story. Some of her favorite coaches are Coach Story, Coach Alyssa and Coach Elise! She says she loves them because they are so nice to her. Also, Audrey’s favorite thing to do while at ASI is to bounce high on the trampolines. The reason she enjoys coming to ASI is being able to do front rolls and to be with her coaches. Some other activities that Audrey loves is soccer and swimming. Her grandparents/parents say they think Audrey is benefiting from gymnastics in gaining patience, coordination, balance and learning to work in a group setting. They also say they choose ASI because of its wonderful reputation and location.


Juliet in Mesquite, may only be 4-years-old, but that is not holding her back. Juliet is enrolled in our Girls Gymnastics Level Bronze with Coach Brittany. Juliet has been a member with ASI mesquite for a little over a year now, starting in Kids Gym Level One. Even at such a young age Juliet comes to every class determined, and ready to learn. Her bubbly, silly, and sweet personality sure do help keep the class fun and exciting. Her Coach Brittany always looks forwards to Wednesday night when little Miss Juliet walks in for class.

We asked Juliet why she loves coming to gymnastics, and her cute little response was, “I love to tumble, and Jump!” It brings us joy knowing she has so much fun, while still learning Gymnastics each week! Outside of Gymnastics Juliet also enjoys Dancing.

Plano West

Andrew is only 7-years-old and has attended ASI for two years and is already a rock star in Boys Gold! His favorite event is the rings. We asked Andrew why he loves gymnastics and he said:

“I love the classes because they are fun and they help me grow stronger. I also love the coaches because they help me work hard and have fun.”

Andrew also told us why his coach is awesome.

“All my coaches have been awesome because they are fun, but they also make me stronger. Coach Tyler encourages me and makes class fun.”

Andrew also enjoys playing soccer and basketball outside of ASI. Andrew is always a ball of energy when he enters the gym. He is ready to work and ready to learn! His coaches have said he is a great listener and hard worker. Andrew’s parents say that “Andrew has grown so much stronger. He has more stamina and balance, and we can see improvement in any other sport he is attempting, such as running longer and faster and kicking harder.” ASI is so happy knowing that we are helping develop Andrew’s motor skills! We asked his family why they chose ASI and they said, “Andrew loves his coaches, and we love that they push him to do his best but also make it fun for him at the same time.”

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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight- May 2017


ASI Allen is happy to have Katelyn for the Student Spotlight!  Katelyn has been coming to ASI Allen for the past seven years. Now at age 10, Katelyn is currently enrolled in our Girls program as well as Power Tumbling Silver with Coach Holland. Katelyn thinks Coach Holland is an awesome coach because he lets her learn at her own pace. Her favorite event is the trampoline. Outside of gymnastics, Katelyn also enjoys playing softball.

What she loves most about coming to gymnastics are the coaches and how the sport helps her gain confidence in her abilities. Her parents love the fact that we have awesome coaches and love watching her learn new skills and build relationships. Her family heard about ASI because they live close by. We are so happy that they joined and can’t wait to see how for her gymnastics career takes her!


Aiden and Brody  are brothers who love taking gymnastics classes here at ASI Arlington. They have been with us for six years! They are currently enrolled in our Power Tumbling program and our Boys Team Level 4. They’re favorite activity to during during Power Tumbling is learning tricks on the trampolines. Coach James, Cruz, and Hani have been beneficial to them in Power Tumbling as they are patient with Aiden and Brody and help them learn their skills no matter how frustrating it can get.

They love being on Boys Team as they get to enjoy their class with their teammates and they get to work hard on their routines and improving their skills each week in group effort. Coach Alex and Jake have been beneficial to the boys in pushing them to improve their form so that when it’s time for a Meet they are prepared to wow the crowd. Their favorite event would be the rings, because it is a great exercise that builds muscle and strength that will last a lifetime.

Being on the ASI Team helps these boys learn the challenges of working hard and develop a discipline that requires individual and group efforts. Brody and Aiden aren’t just fans of gymnastics classes, though, they also enjoy going outdoors and playing baseball.

Aiden and Brody’s mom said, “We love ASI because they maintain a fun and safe environment and they also offer a variety of classes and schedules that fit our busy schedules with our two boys.”


We are happy to announce Kacie as our student spotlight for the month of May. Kacie has been a student at our location for three years! Kacie is currently in coach Darians’ Girls Silver class. Her favorite events are bars and beam. She also enjoys soccer, dancing and swimming. Kacie thinks Coach Darian is funny and loves how she helps her learn all her tricks so she can be in the Olympics.

Kacie started classes with us when she turned 3 but her family has been a part of ASI for many years, “I coached at ASI Allen for almost 10 years. I couldn’t wait until Kacie was old enough to begin classes at ASI. When she finally started Kidz Gym, she was hooked. As a former coach and now a gym parent, I have always loved how ASI coaches balance teaching skills and proper technique with fun and relationships within each class. Our family has been through a lot the past year, and our ASI family has been there every step of the way. It’s so fun for my daughter to be a part of the gym that I worked for for so long.”

Kacie loves Gymnastics because she likes making new friends and making her muscles get stronger. She loves to do gymnastics and can’t wait until Wednesday every week!

Thank you so much Witchert family for letting us be a part of your life. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kacie.


Little Aubrey  is in our Student Spotlight this month! At just 4-years-old, Aubrey is excelling in the Girls Silver program in Keller. She attends classes twice a week and is coached by Coach Taryn and Coach Kiersten. We love seeing Aubrey’s smiling face and shining personality when she walks in the door. Her upbeat attitude and can’t-be-stopped persona is the reason Aubrey is doing so well in our Silver program. She loves her coaches because they let her pick her stations. Her favorite event is bars!

 Aubrey has been attending classes and camps in Keller for almost two years. She started in our Kids Gym program and advanced quickly to Girls Silver. In addition to gymnastics, Aubrey enjoys soccer. Her parent’s love gymnastics for Aubrey because she is learning so much knowledge about gymnastics and is really enjoying her time at classes. She has tons of energy and this definitely helps her get some of it out.
We love Aubrey’s energy in Keller and everyone who interacts with her cannot help but smile at this sassy little gymnast. Her family has been an amazing help at our meets this season, and we can’t wait to watch Aubrey compete herself one day soon!

Lake Highlands

ASI Lake Highlands is happy to give the student spotlight this month to Stella! She is a happy 2-year-old in Tiny Tots with Coach Elise. She has been coming to ASI since she was 1-year-old and found out about our awesome gym through some of her friends who already attend here. Stella’s favorite thing to do at ASI is to jump on the trampolines. Outside of Gymnastics, Stella loves to play soccer.

When asked why she loves coming to Gymnastics Stella’s mother, Susie said, “She loves to jump and enjoys trying new things and having fun with her friends.”

When asked how Stella is benefiting from Gymnastics Susie said, “Stella is learning to take turns, share and make new friends. She is small for her age, so this has been great for her to try and not be shy.”

She has also said that as a parent, she choose ASI because it is fun and provides structure and they love Coach Elise. Susie also said she loves to see Stella grow in both her physical and social skills. We are so glad that Stella has been a part of our program here! ​

Stella thinks that Coach Elise is amazing and says that she is patient and gives all the children equal time to try out the skills. She also says that Coach Elise takes time to help her with a new skill she is trying!


Sweet little 3-year-old Kassidy at ASI Mesquite, can make anyone smile with her silly personality and contagious giggles! Kassidy has been enrolled with ASI for almost a year now, and started in our Tiny Tots Program. Outside of Gymnastics she also loves to play Soccer! Kassidy’s favorite event at Gymnastics is the bars, and according to Coach Bailey that is where she shows the most strength as well. Kassidy thinks Coach Bailey is the best in the whole wide world like her mommy.

Coach Bailey has had Kassidy since her days in Tiny Tots, and has formed an amazing bond with Kassidy. “Kassidy is such a sweet little girl, and even at her young age, she is working so hard in class and her progress in the year she has been enrolled is amazing. I feel very blessed to have Kassidy as a student!”

Kassidy’s mom says she is benefiting from Gymnastics by learning new techniques and understanding the basics of gymnastics at an early age. With Kassidy being such a fast learner, we know the fundamentals she is learning at age 3 is going to help her so much as she gets older. Her Parents chose ASI because they love the company and how much their child is growing. Kassidy, we cannot wait to see all that you achieve in the sport of Gymnastics!

Plano West

Jin is one of our very energetic Kidz Gym Level 2 students. He is 3-years-old and his favorite event is the trampoline. Jin loves Gymnastics because he really enjoys to be challenged. The attention he gets from the ladies in the class is also a motivator for him. Jin is super flexible and loves doing push ups. Jin loves Coach Joanne because she keeps him challenged the entire class time. Coach Joanne helps Jin stay focused with this his class.

Jin enjoys staying active at home by throwing the baseball around with his older brother and riding his bike. Jin’s parents feel gymnastics is benefiting him by keeping him challenged and giving him a safe place where he can channel his energy. The family chose ASI because of our flexible schedule and online payment options. They have also enjoyed the coaching that they have experienced this past year with us. We love having Jin’s energy at the gym.

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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight- April 2017


At 6-years-old, Hudson is our youngest student in our Advanced Gold Boys Gymnastics program. Advanced Gold is the highest recreational level a student can be enrolled in, so to be at this level at the age of 6, is a huge accomplishment. Hudson started his gymnastics career at the young age of two in Tiny Tots Level 2 and has been with us for the past four years! When he’s not in the gym, Hudson enjoys playing soccer. He loves coming to gymnastics because it’s tons of fun! Hudson describes his current coach Danielle as a great coach because she knows how to make gymnastics fun!

His parents chose ASI because it’s close to home and they love the coaches. Hudson’s mom believes that gymnastics is making him stronger and teaches him to work hard while having fun. We are so excited to have Hudson and his family in the gym with us as he continues to evolve in the sport!


We are happy to announce James as our student spotlight the month of April. James has been a student and a part of the ASI family for the past 11 years! Each week when he enters the facility, he has so much joy. His smile and laughter are contagious. The entire staff adore him and his family.

James is currently participating in our Gymmie Kids program. Mom said that they got their start at ASI because their friends attended and they had programs for both of their children.

“James has special needs, he has low muscle tone. James cannot do or has the endurance that most 15-year-old boys do. Gymnastics helps him to gain muscle strength and assists in conditioning. All the coaches James has had at ASI Firewheel has made gymnastic fun, but has worked him hard.”

Mom said, “We love that James does gymnastics. We encourage the coaches to push James. The Coaches do and make gymnastics fun. We are so happy about what James can do and his strength. He can do pull ups on the rings and bars.” James has enjoyed all the coaches he has worked with over the years.

Outside of ASI James is a very active young man. He is involved with recreational basketball and a red belt in Taekwondo (one belt away from black belt). “We love that James does gymnastics. We encourage the coaches to push James. The Coaches do and make gymnastics fun. We are so happy about what James can do and his strength. He can do pull ups on the rings and bars.”

Thank you for letting us be a part of James’ Journey!



Our Gymmie Kid, Ajay, is our student spotlight this month! Ajay has been attending gymnastics at ASI for about three years. His shy smile lights up the gym when he walks through the door each week.

Ajay is coached by Coach Berklee. Ajay’s parents like Berklee because she is patient, dedicated and happy!  Ajay can be a bit of a charmer, so it takes a coach who knows how to get him to work to help him succeed. While he also participates in Taekwondo, Ajay likes coming to gymnastics because it is fun and he loves to exercise. His parents love that Gymnastics is therapeutic for him and allows him to practice his social skills. The sensory input he receives from Gymnastics also helps him with sensory processing.
Ajay’s family found out about ASI by driving by, as they live close. They have stayed because of the great and friendly staff. Ajay and his little sister Suri are a joy to have in the gym every week and we hope to keep watching them grow for a long time!

Lake Highlands

ASI Lake Highlands is proud to present Brenna as for the student spotlight this month! Brenna is in Coach Libby’s Girls Gold class on Thursdays. She is 6 -years -old and works hard in her favorite event, floor! Brenna loves coming to ASI gymnastics because she meets new friends, has a fun time doing all her skills, and loves getting into practice. She also loves Coach Libby because she is always lending a helping hand. Outside of gymnastics, Brenna enjoys playing soccer. Brenna’s parents think gymnastics has given her strength, confidence, and coordination for a great life. They also decided to come to ASI because they heard about the fantastic quality of the coaches we provide here. They have been attending classes here for about a year and a half and cannot wait to continue growing as a gymnast over time.​


Sweet little Monroe at ASI Mesquite, brings lots of smiles, and laughs when she comes to Gymnastics every Tuesday night for Tiny Tots. Her cute and bubbly personality keeps everyone swooning over her especially, her Grandpa (Pop) when he comes along with Monroe’s parents each week to class.

Monroe loves to interact with all the kids. She enjoys everything from jumping on the trampoline to sliding into the foam pit,” Monroe’s parents said.

Monroe and her parents love Coach Leah because she is awesome and gives each of her students the time and attention they all deserve. Coach Leah loves having Monroe as a student, “Every Tuesday night, I cannot help but smile during her class. Monroe has the sweetest personality and truly brings me so much joy.”

When it comes to the sport of Gymnastics Monroe’s parents know she is gaining knowledge on how to stay active and socialize with other kids. She is working on following directions and listening. Monroe is so smart, and after coming to class eache  week, she has even memorized the order of the class.  We asked her parents Why ASI?

“ASI is a fun environment and well known that is great with toddlers. We look forward to many more years of growing in the gymnastic community.”

Monroe we are so glad you are a member of ASI Mesquite, and can not wait to watch you grow and learn in Gymnastics.

Plano West

Derek and Ellie are two twin Tiny Tots with lots of energy! They are 2- years-old in Coach Liz’s Tiny Tots Level 2 class. Derek loves jumping into the pit and Ellie loves jumping on the trampoline. They love gymnastics because they like to run and jump. When they aren’t at ASI showing off their jumps, they are enjoying quality time with their older brother playing soccer and baseball at home. We asked Derek and Ellie’s parents how gymnastics is benefiting the kids and they said,

“We love gymnastics class because it helps develop fine motor skills and it helps teach our toddlers how to listen and follow directions. They have learned a tremendous amount since starting ASI and we love watching them get stronger and more confident week after week.”

The coaches love having Derek and Ellie in the gym. As soon as they walk through the door they are greeted with coaches that look forward to seeing them each week. We are so happy their parents chose ASI for them. Their reasons for choosing us put a smile on our faces!

“ASI has a positive and upbeat staff, with coaches who clearly enjoy working with children. There are always lots of smiles and kind words being given to the students. They also offer convenient class times and reasonable prices.”



Makayla is one of Coach Summer’s Bronze level girls. She has been a student here at ASI Rockwall for a little over a year now. Makayla loves Gymnastics because she thinks its fun and a good way to stretch her body!

Her family says they learned about ASI through attending a few of our birthday parties. Mom mentioned, “We had been to several birthday parties and I really loved the atmosphere and the coaches.”

Makayla enjoys Coach Summer because she is really nice and encouraging when they mess up. Outside of Gymnastics, Makayla enjoys playing Soccer and Basketball. ASI Rockwall is extremely fortunate to have such a great athlete in our gym and we look forward to what the next year has for Makayla.

The Woodlands

Anna has been with ASI The Woodlands for six months and is in Girls Gymnastics with Coach Jemma.  Anna loves her coach because, she is super nice and teaches them new things like cartwheels. Anna’s favorite events are the bars and the trampolines. Her  parents why like gymnastics because it helps her balance and coordination have improved and she has become more confident learning new skills. We are so happy to have Anna and her family at the gym with us!


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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight – March 2017


Jeremy is in our Boys Gymnastics program at ASI Allen. He has been here for almost a year and takes two Boy’s Gold classes with Coach Danielle and Coach Victoria. He loves coming to gymnastics to he can continue to get stronger. He loves his coaches “because they’re cute and they teach me a lot!” Other than gymnastics, Jeremy also likes to play soccer!

For mom, she enjoys taking Jeremy to gymnastics because “he is getting stronger, more coordinated, and he is making friends.” They heard about ASI from a friend who said it was a perfect place for boys to take gymnastics and get exercise. We are so happy to have Jeremy and his family be a part of ASI Allen!


Landon has been taking classes at ASI for five years now. He is in Coach Hani’s Boys Gold Gymnastics class. Landon began taking classes because he wanted to get stronger, improve his gross motor skills, and core strength. He was born a micro-preemie, and it has been a joy to watch him overcome obstacles throughout the past five years. His parents have even noticed the strength he has gained since taking gymnastics. They enjoyed the encouragement Landon receives from both his coach and fellow students. Outside of gymnastics he also loves basketball, baseball, and watching football. We here in Arlington are excited to meet the needs of Landon and his family every week.


ASI Cypress would like to introduce you to Brooke! Brooke is enrolled in Power Tumbling Silver with Coach David. She started at ASI Cypress in August of 2014. After a two-year break from gymnastics, she started back with us in August of 2016. We are so excited to have Brooke back in our gym.Brooke loves coming to class each week because she enjoys getting better at her skills. She is so excited to have her round off back handspring finally!

Brooke’s family loves the family friendly atmosphere of our gym and the location within our community. Brooke’s parents said that her confidence is soaring. She practices all the time, and they love that her perseverance is paying off. She gets stronger with every class. Mom said, “I love that Brooke has a place to shine.”When we asked Brooke what she likes about Coach David, she said: “Coach David is fantastic because he helps me a lot, gives me valuable tips and is very encouraging.”

We are so happy that Brooke and her family love coming to ASI every week, and we can’t wait to see continued growth and improvements in power tumbling.


Angel is 11 years old and is currently in our Boys Team Level 4 with Coach Tanner, and is also in Power Tumbling Silver with Coach Leith. Angel has been attending ASI for two years now. He started off in our Boys Bronze class and worked his way up to team in less than a year. Angel loves coming to gymnastics because “ I get to learn and do excellent routines, and participate in events.” His favorite event is the high bar.

When we asked Angel’s mom how he was benefiting from Gymnastics, she said, “ He can work with others, socializing, creating new friendships, learning about teamwork, working hard to meet goals and staying healthy and fit!” Since day one  Angel’s mom said: “the coaches to the front desk staff, everyone has been attentive, caring, and supportive.”

Angel is such a joy to be around. Always happy and with such a positive attitude! We are so glad to be able to see him grow in life and gymnastics.


Weston is a Level 4 gymnast on our boy’s team here in Keller. Weston can be found in the gym working on team skills and power tumbling several days a week. He stands out as one of the hardest workers in the gym, and his skills show it! On top of working hard, Weston is known for always encouraging and cheering on his fellow teammates and being an overall great teammate. His positive attitude makes a big difference in every practice!

In addition to gymnastics, Weston enjoys baseball and tennis. He loves gymnastics because “it is fun, challenging and I like my friends.”He also loves Coach Jordan because he “is an awesome coach who pushes me in gymnastics in a good way.” Weston’s favorite event in the gym is parallel bars just like Coach Jordan. His family discovered ASI by driving by, for they live in the area. They have chosen ASI because it is “a fun place for competitive gymnastics.” They love gymnastics for Weston because he “has gained confidence, maturity, leadership and strength.” Weston embodies all of the characteristics of a great gymnast and true leader, and his smile while working is evidence that he has a blast doing so! We love Weston and the entire Taylor family here in Keller and cannot wait to see how far each of their gymnasts go!

Lake Highlands

ASI Lake Highlands is happy to give the Student Spotlight to Sophie! She is a spunky and wonderful seven-year-old student who is learning what the Girls Silver class has to offer. She thinks her coach, Coach Sarah, is incredibly fun and loves the time spent on the trampolines. Sophie has been with ASI for about three years and has grown a lot over her days with us. One of the biggest reasons she enjoys coming to ASI is to jump into the pit when they have their free time.

Sophie also likes to play basketball, soccer, and practice her ballet skills. Her parents brought her to ASI because they live across the way, and wanted to see what we had to offer them. Her father, Bill, thinks that she has gained more confidence since coming to gymnastics and is gaining skills for other activities later on in life. We are so excited to have Sophie with us every week!


Precious has only been enrolled at ASI Mesquite for about four months now, but in that time she has promoted all the way up to our Gold Level! Precious comes to class every Tuesday night ready to work hard and learn more skills! Her coach, coach Alyssa, loves getting to work with Precious. “She has so much drive and love for Gymnastics that she pushes herself to be the best she can be. It’s no surprise that she is flying through the levels, and mastering new skills so quickly. I consider myself very lucky to coach Precious, and watch her grow into the sport!”

Precious loves her gymnastics class, but when it comes to her favorite event it absolutely would be the trampolines! She considers Gymnastics as her hobby, and loves getting to push herself every week during Coach Alyssa’s class! Outside of Gymnastics she also enjoys playing basketball and soccer. Precious, how much you have grown in the sport of Gymnastics in such a short time is amazing! We consider ourselves very lucky to have a Gymnast like you in Mesquite!


Lillie is one of Coach Rebecca’s Kidz Gym Kiddos. She has been a student at ASI since March of 2016.
“I love coming to gymnastics because I get to flip on the bar, play in the pit, and ring the bell! I like seeing Coach Rebecca, Coach Adam, and Coach Jonny.” Lillie says. When Lillie is not here at ASI, she loves playing soccer with her big sister.

When describing her coach, Lillie says ” Coach Rebecca is awesome because she teaches me new things all the time. She helps me when I need help, and she is always nice to me and gives me hugs.”
Mom says she heard about ASI through many parents at the daycare that her girls attend. “I heard nothing but good things about ASI, and I wanted to try it out for myself. I’m very pleased with the programs and the staff.”

Lillie’s mom thinks gymnastics has benefited her daughter in many ways,”Lillie has grown so much. She has never been shy or timid but is very much a  perfectionist. Gymnastics has given her confidence, a better focus and a remarkable relationship with people outside of her usual. She channels her natural athletic ability as well as burns off lots of that toddler energy.”
ASI Rockwall is extremely fortunate to have such an amazing athlete in our gym, and we look forward to watching Lillie grow here and progress from here.

 The Woodlands

Riley is three years old and is in Coach Lexi’s Kidz Gym class. She loves coming to gymnastics and doing all of the different activities. Her mom says that Riley has a smile on her face from the time they pull into the parking lot until they walk out the door. Riley’s favorite event is everything, but she enjoys jumping on the trampoline, flipping on the bar, obstacle courses, and of course the pit! Sweet Riley loves her coach because she is amazing, fun, and has so much energy. She makes learning exciting!

Riley’s mom said that they enjoy gymnastics because Riley’s coordination and strength have improved so much over the last six months at ASI and her discipline has improved as well. We also asked why they picked ASI, mom said, “We heard great things about ASI. We had done a few Open Gyms with the older kids, and after watching the Olympics, Riley wanted to join! ASI The Woodlands is so excited to have a little gymnast like Riley with is!
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