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Sport Parenting

Sport Parenting

Big XII Championship

Come See OU Fight for Big XII Title

Don’t miss your chance to see the OU Women’s Gymnastics Team compete for the Big XII Championship Saturday, March 18th at 4:00 pm at the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco.  OU will square off against Denver, Iowa State, and West Virginia for the Big XII title.

The Sooners are having one of their best seasons on record as they go for their third national championship under the direction of head coach K.J. Kindler.  OU started off the season ranked number one and has been number one for the past seven consecutive weeks. Fresh off her elite career, World Champion team member, freshman Maggie Nichols is ranked number one on all four events and the all around for the NCAA.  She has scored a 10.0 on vault, floor, and twice on the balance beam.  Her all-around score of a 39.925 is the highest posted by anyone in the NCAA this season and the best by a freshman in NCAA history. This past weekend the Sooners continued their season of excellence as sophomore Nicole Lehrmann, and senior McKenzie Wofford both scored a 10.0 on bars.  This marked the third time in the program’s history that a perfect score has been posted by two Sooners in the same event at the same meet.  

ASI Arlington Level 4 gymnasts Tinley and Hailey had the opportunity to meet OU coach K.J. Kindler, as well as gymnasts Maggie Nichols, Chayse Capps, and Charity Jones this past weekend.

If you’re in the area Saturday, March 18th and want to see some of the best gymnastics happening now, click here.

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Sport Parenting

10 Ways to Exercise as a Family

It is so important that kids of all ages get exercise in daily; at least an hour a day! Not only is it important for the kids, but for the family too! Coming to gymnastics class for an hour is a perfect way to get some exercise…but what about the other days of the week?

Here are some ways to get in some exercise as a family!

  1. Going on Walks: Try going on a walk with the family either before or after dinner! Make it a routine that you all take a walk together and talk about the day. You can make this a fun activity for kids too! Play a game of I-Spy while you are walking. Have a short race and run to the end of the street. Try to see who can walk on their toes the longest. Making a walk with the family a habit, will increase your chances of forgetting to do it or putting it off.
  2. Make Chores Fun: The house must be cleaned at some point, so make it a fun game! Have sweeping races and see who can collect the most. Play make believe and pretend the floor is lava and all toys must be put in the toy chest to keep safe! Fold the laundry together and make it into a fun activity of Guess Whose It Is!
  3. Make Healthier, Active Day to Day Choices: Try changing up your “lazy” habits into “active” habits. Instead of taking the escalator or elevator, take the stairs. Instead of having the kids ride in the grocery cart at the store, have them walk with you instead. Try to make sure you are standing at least 10 minutes every hour. Add more movement to your day!
  4. TV Breaks: Try to make commercial breaks your fitness breaks! Instead of sitting on the couch during a commercial break, have everyone in the house get up and do jumping jacks or sit-ups! During the break, everyone in the house has to make a lap around the house. This way, you are moving around and getting active while still watching TV.
  5. Walk or Run for Charity: Many organizations hold different kinds of fundraisers, and many hold walks or runs! Volunteer your family to get active, and give back! You could choose a charity run or walk, attend with the family, learn more about this organization, and get fit at the same time. This is healthy for you, and a great way to give back to the community!
  6. Dog Walks: If your family has a dog, take turns either walking the dogs or playing fetch outside. This way, everyone has a turn to be active and get on their feet, including your pet!
  7. Dance Party: While you are cleaning the house, or just spending some time with the family, put on some music and dance! Get everyone on their feet and starting busting out those dance moves. This will help burn some calories rather than sitting on the couch or being bored around the house.
  8. Take the Fitness Outside: Depending on the time of year, bring the activity outside! If there are leaves on the ground, have a race to see who can pick up the most leaves, or who can rake them the fastest. Have running races in the backyard. Make yard work fun! Turn in into something fun that the family does together.
  9. Weekly Sports Night: Pick one night a week, or every other week, and as a family choose a sport. This could be a sport you all love, or a brand new sport. Explore this sport and try to learn how to play it together! Whether that means going to the park to play it, or running to the store together to get supplies, try out this new sport together and work on adding in fitness with fun!
  10. Technology Dungeon: Create a “technology dungeon” for cell phones and other electronic devices. Create a time frame where all devices must be put in the “dungeon” and during that time, other activities must be explored! This will take everyone’s minds off of what is going on, and you can focus on family time together, and exploring one of the above activities!


Make sure to try out all of these fun activities to get more active with the family!

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Sport Parenting

5 Must Learn Social Skills for Your Child

5 Must Learn Social Skills for Your Child

The ASI Gymnastics Preschool Program incorporates social skills in every class. Children learn these fundamental skills to help them develop and succeed in school, sports and friendships. What better way for your child to learn than in gymnastics class?

Interact Positively with Others: Children who learn how to positively interact with others are setting the stage for quality relationships with peers and adults for their future. Within each class at ASI, students will learn these skills during music circle and playtime while establishing friendships.

Follow Directions: Children who learn to follow directions will be able to take instructions and understand fully the skills or tasks they are doing. This will help them learn to take responsibility for their actions not only in gymnastics but in school as well. During class at ASI, your child will learn to listen to the coach’s instructions and perform the skills at each circuit.

Taking Turns: Children who learn the importance of taking turns will be able to play cooperatively with others. During class at ASI, children will alternate on the equipment, trampolines and at playtime.

Express Emotions Verbally: Children who learn the importance of expressing emotions verbally find it easier to process different emotions and be able to voice them. At ASI, your child is encouraged to talk through emotions they’re feeling during class and learn how to positively express themselves.

Independence: Children will learn how to be independent while getting hands-on experience with trial and failure. This process will help build up their self-esteem as they face new challenges independently. At ASI, your child will exhibit bravery in each class by working through new obstacles freely.


Need a new way to teach your preschooler social skills?

Use promo code enroll20 to receive Free Enrollment and $20 off your first month’s tuition.

Enroll Now

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Sport Parenting

Five Reasons to Socialize Your Kids

In this day and age, introducing social skills in young children can become more and more difficult with the ever-growing electronic age. Children are being introduced to technology earlier in their lives. Instead of children getting dirty clothes and bruised knees from playing outside with their friends, some may be experiencing neck aches, head ache from looking down at their devices too long. This lack of social time is also a potential cause for the early onset of childhood obesity. Younger children have cell phones and iPads and are learning to use them better and faster than adults do. As advanced as this is, and as impressive as it may seem, there is the potential that they are missing out on important social skills that are vital to a successful future.


Reasons to Socialize Your Kids

  1.  Me vs. You: Children can be naturally egocentric, thinking of themselves as the center of their world as they know it. It takes time to teach a child to think of others as well as themselves. It is important to socialize children so that they will be able to successfully and positively interact with others, learning vital characteristics such as sharing, not only at home but at school.
  2. Academics: Children with poor social skills may feel rejected by peers in school, potentially developing self-esteem issues or depression. This may impact their focus in school and their academic advancements. Children at a young age need to learn responsibility for their actions, how to value themselves and others, to share with others and groups, and how to handle negative encounters with peers.
  3. Adult Relationships: Children with poor social skills often have trouble forming healthy relationships as an adult. They can also shows forms of anger and aggression as they get older, and they can have trouble engaging with others in a healthy and positive way. It is important that we engage children with others and encourage healthy social interaction while they are young and as they grow.
  4. Siblings or Not: Children with siblings have a natural exposure to social skills because they learn to grow and interact with their brothers or sisters. However, not all children have siblings. Children without siblings will need to be introduced to important social skills just as others are. Socializing children will help them learn these important social skills they otherwise may not learn at home.

We may often forget how important it is to socialize our kids and how vital it will be for their future. Making sure we teach children the importance of sharing, caring, and empathy are crucial for successful and positive relationships. ASI’s new Preschool Program has incorporated social skills into its curriculum and children will begin learning about them while also making friends in class! Let’s not forget the importance of socializing our children and lets build them a bright future!


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Sport Parenting

5 Reasons Your Kids Need a Night Out

Are you tired of your kids just sitting on the couch after school? Are you sick of hearing, “I’m bored” on the weekends? ASI Gymnastics has an idea to beat the boredom, while also benefiting your child. This is where getting the kids out of the house comes in! Why, you might ask is this the answer?

  1. It wears them out.

    Isn’t it nice when you pick your child up from an outing or event and they fall asleep on the way home? They get so much exercise that they are exhausted and worn out, meaning when they get home they are ready for bed! Now, the kids will get a good night’s sleep after all of that activity and they wake up refreshed for a new day. baby-sleep

  2. They get to meet other kids.

    Taking your kids to public events or outings without mom or dad there is a good way for your child to meet other children. They learn to make friends and build relationships. This is good for their social skills, and they learn how to act in public. kids-dancing

  3. It teaches them structure.

    Your young ones will learn the importance of following the rules, listening to authority, and paying attention. These qualities are so important for young growing athletes!

  4. They are getting off the couch and being active.

    Finally! A chance for the kids to get off the couch, away from the TV, off their gaming devices, and on their feet moving around! Now they have the perfect opportunity to burn off some energy before bed in a safe and fun environment. There are so many benefits of exercise: stronger muscles and bones, leaner body, less likely to become overweight, decrease in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, and an overall better outlook on life! kid-rope

  5. Added bonus: It gives you “me” time.

    Mommy or daddy time is very important. Dropping the kids off at a children’s social event gives you the opportunity to do the things you can’t do when the kids are around, like household tasks or errands that need to be run. You have the time to grocery shop, go see a movie, clean up the house, or just simply relax! “Me” time is important for parents!

Convinced yet? If not, take the kids to Parents’ Night Out this Saturday from 7-11pm at any ASI location! While the parents are away, the kids are at play! At PNO, kids will get to play on the bars and balance beam, jump on the trampolines, play group games, and so much more. Every PNO has a different theme and this weekend’s theme is ZOO! The night includes dinner and a drink and everyone is welcome. Your kid will have fun and benefit too!

To learn more about Parents’ Night Out, and to pre-register, visit the PNO Page on the ASI Website. Hope to see you there!


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