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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner- May 2017


Coach Jason is such an energetic and positive coach and has been coaching at ASI Gymnastics for five years. Jason is one of the few coaches who gets to travel and coach at more than one location. In fact, he coaches at four of our locations and Allen is lucky to have him on Friday for classes! You know when Jason is in the gym because the kids just gravitate toward his fun-filled Superman personality.
Coach Jason has an extensive background when it comes to working with children. Not only as a coach, but he used to babysit his cousins when he was younger and enjoyed working at VBS and camps for his church. Jason’s knowledge about the sport of gymnastics is bar none. He was a gymnast for 10 years and he is currently judges boys gymnastics competitions. You can still see him doing flips from time to time. Jason also cheered for UT Dallas and NCA and is working hard to one day soon be a Pediatrician.
Jason has built so many relationships with kids and families here at ASI over the years. He finds it so rewarding and fulfilling to be a part of this company because he gets to impact so many lives on a daily basis in a sport that he enjoys doing. We are so lucky to have Jason as a coach and are excited to see where the next five years take him!


This month Coaches Corner is Alex . Alex has been coaching at ASI for about eight months now. He first started coaching in high school and he has been coaching gymnastics ever since. In fact, that’s also when he, himself started doing gymnastics. He competed at a level 9 before he decided to go to college, where he currently attends University of Texas at Arlington. He coaches Boys and Girls classes, Power Tumbling classes, and boys team. This is his first year doing Boys Team at ASI but his first season has been amazing. The boys adore him and the parents have been very pleased. We here in Arlington are ecstatic to have him be apart of our team and can’t wait to see what else he can bring to the team.


Coach Leith has been with ASI for about six years now. Coach Leith plays many roles here at ASI Firewheel. He is currently our product supervisor for our Power Tumbling program, coaches Boys Silver and, is a crowd favorite for Birthday Parties.

Coach Leith has always been very active, “I was on the Guyanese boys team in South America and also was a Muay Thai kick boxer. When my family moved to Texas I competed in track and field from elementary all the way to college. I also played Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, and Football competitively. I am now competing in Powerlifting. I placed second in my first competition. “

In his spare time Leith likes to pass time by reading marvel comics. “I grew up reading the Marvel comic books and to this day, I still read them. But my favorite would be the Thor and Spiderman issues.

When asked why Gymnastics makes kids so great coach Leith replied, “Gymnastics build character. It lets the kids know that nothing is impossible if you work hard and put your mind to it. Another positive aspect of Gymnastics is when the kids come to class, they start to establish relationships with their classmates and that builds new friendships.”

“When asked what event coach Leith liked the most he replied “ I love coaching Power Tumbling because you as a coach have to make up the stations that will help the kids improve. It’s never a dull moment.”

Staff, parents and students love Coach Leith here at ASI Firewheel. Thanks for all your hard work Coach Leith!


At 17-years-old, Coach Lauren is just beginning her coaching career at ASI Gymnastics and is already one of our most popular coaches. Her students love her and she is highly knowledgeable about the sport of gymnastics, which makes her a great asset. Before she started coaching at ASI, Lauren was a gymnast here herself, taking gymnastics at ASI for 6 years during her 7 year career as a gymnast. Now in her senior year at Central High School here in Keller. Before she was a coach, she was a nanny, which explains why she is so great with her students. Lauren loves coaching Kidz Gym classes and Girls Gymnastics classes, but her favorite class to coach is the challenging Girls Advanced Gold. She describes her coaching style as fun, hard and exciting. Her love for the sport is easily conveyed to her students as she helps them to learn new skills, and her excitement is contagious. As a gymnast, she understands the physical demands of the sport and pushes her students to not give up and helps them to achieve their goals.

 “Gymnastics is great for kids, because they get physical activity. They get to meet new kids and they get to learn new things. I love watching kids get better at the skills that they have been trying, because they get so excited. I love to see them get excited and then they want to get better!”.
Though she’s been coaching in Keller for only seven months, Lauren is making her mark on her students and her coworkers. She is a fun coach, a great teammate and we hope to keep her around for a long time!

Lake Highlands

​ASI Lake Highlands would like to present this months coaches corner to Vincent, who has only been with us for five months! He is 22-years-old and moved to Texas from California. Vincent heard about the coaching opportunities here through Coach Nereida. He coaches a number of classes in Power Tumbling and does all the fun products that ASI offers to its children. He is currently assisting the team girls as much as he can and they all love him! The way he stays fit is by walking to work almost every day. When he was younger he played football and ran track for three years and then once in high school he began his cheering career! He has previously worked with kids in California at the All-Star gym to help them learn dance choreography and he also helped the children at his church.

When asked about why he loves working at ASI  Vincent said, ” I love how hard-working the kids are. They put in the work and effort and that’s what I love to see because it is such an important characteristic to learn. They will carry those for the rest of their lives.”

His favorite event to coach is bars and floor. He thinks his coaching style is tough, persistent and loving!  ASI Lake Highlands is luck to have such a fantastic person working here!


Coach Karla in Mesquite is not only an amazing coach, but her fun, outgoing, bubbly personality lights up the gym whenever she is here.  Karla has only been with ASI for a little over nine months, and is already a certified coach in Tiny Tots, Kidz Gym, Girls Gymnastics, Birthday Parties, and other Fun Products. Her Favorite to coach would have to be Tiny Tots,. Karla is amazing when it comes to working with the babies in the Gym. In her short time of Coaching she has already made an impact in so many kids lives!

Karla grew up playing soccer, and decided as she got older she wanted to try something different and start working with kids. We are so glad she did!

Karla believes Gymnastics is great for kids because, “It takes them out of their comfort zone, and gives them the opportunity to interact with other kids all while learning the sport of Gymnastics!” Her favorite part about coaching at ASI is  seeing the smile on the kids faces every day. No matter what kind of day I am having they always seem to make my days so much better. Karla we are so proud of you and we can not wait to see how much you grow at ASI!

Plano West

Sarah has been coaching at ASI for 11 months.Sarah has already built great relationships with her gymnastics students, families, and her Gymnastics After School kids. She currently coaches Kidz Gym and Girls Gymnastics. She is working on finishing her Gold certification for the gymnastics program. Sarah is one of the weekly supervisors for our Gymnastics After School program. She is also a frequent lead in our Open Gyms, Camps, and Parents Night Out.

Coach Sarah attended Lake Highlands High School and took some courses at Richland College. She married her high school sweetheart, Mr. Matt and has two cute puppies named Bentley and Hadley. Sarah’s favorite books are the Harry Potter series. When she isn’t at ASI, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and staying active with her husband and family. AS a child Coach Sarah was a dancer starting from the age of 3.  In high school, she was a member of the Lake Highlands drill team, the Highlandettes.

Before working with ASI Coach Sarah worked with an after school program at the St. Johns Episcopal School where she would also substitute Pre-K and Kindergarten physical education. She began at ASI last summer when she needed a second job to save some extra money for her wedding. That summer job turned into something she hopes “to turn into her future.” Coach Sarah has really shown some passion in the work that she does with ASI.

“I love coaching because there is a happiness that I have found in sharing the goals I have for my kids and the goals they have for themselves. For the longest time I never had a dream for myself. I never knew what I was meant to do or what path God had in store for me. I love the feeling of setting goals and accomplishing them with my students while watching them revel in the pride of ringing the bell. I love knowing I helped them get there!”

We asked Sarah why she thought gymnastics was great for kids and she answered:

“Gymnastics is great for kids because it allows them to see themselves progress and improve. While they have fun and work hard, it teaches them that what they put into it is what they can get out of it. Gymnastics also can help kids to push themselves to new levels. If they are intimidated by the bars, the beam, or being upside down; with the help of the coach they can overcome that fear and feel accomplished with what they have done.”

ASI Gymnastics Plano West is lucky to have coaches like Sarah that care so much about their students and their success.

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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner- April 2017


Coach Hannah has been at ASI Allen for 10 months.  She has been working with children for many years.  She started babysitting at a young age and also helped with the daycare kids at her church.  Hannah has worked with special needs children through PAL.

She has a familiar background with gymnastics.  Hannah started at a young age doing gymnastics and Eagles Wings and moved into tumbling.  She then joined a team with Cheer Athletics and cheered for three years.
Hannah loves her Kids Gym and Girls Bronze classes and finds it so rewarding to build these relationships with the kids here at ASI.  She is such a fun and lively coach and finds her job so fulfilling.


Coach Michele has been with ASI Firewheel for over two years now. She is currently coaching our Tiny Tots and Kidz Gym programs. However, she has been working with children for over 10 years! She has worked at a preschool learning center, children’s department at her church, and is currently the Assistant Children’s Pastor. While she may not have much of an athletic background herself, she is a huge sports fan! She watches almost every sport but prefers to attend live sporting events whenever possible.

She got her start here when she won a free month of gymnastics from an auction. Her son, Lance, has been enrolled in classes for six years and is currently on our boys competitive team. Since catching the gymnastics bug she has learned a lot about the sport. Coach Michele thinks Gymnastics is great for kids because it develops their large motor skills, builds their confidence, helps to prepare them for school, and gives them strength and flexibility that can be used for higher levels of gymnastics or almost any other sport.

Her favorite event to coaches is bars. However, her favorite thing about coaching is when a child finally masters a skill they have been trying. I love how excited they get when they can do something new they have never done before. I also love just having fun with the kids and being silly. Kid laughter is one of the best sounds in the world!

While she only graces us with her presence for morning classes, you may get lucky and see her fill in from time to time in the evenings! We can all agree that her coaching style is encouraging, patient, and friendly.


Coach Lauren  has coached in Keller for just under one year. In that time, she has made great strides in learning nearly every product ASI has to offer. Coach Lauren coaches Tiny Tots, Kidz Gym, as well as Boys and Girls gymnastics. She’s one of our most energetic birthday party coordinators, and our Gymnastics After School kids love her! The fact that our students love Lauren is not a surprise given her extensive background with children. Lauren began babysitting at the age of 12 and still works part time in a childcare setting for her church.

In addition to loving children, Lauren has a passion for sports, and tried them all as a child. Her athletic career began at the age of 4 when she started taking ballet, and continued with basketball and karate for the next 10 years. In high school, Lauren began running track and even tried her hand at some grappling! With such a diverse background in sports, it’s no wonder that Lauren loves Gymnastics because it gets the kids moving.
“A lot of kids don’t realize that learning all these skills are actually helping them exercise. It is helping with flexibility which will help prevent muscle tears down the line. It’s also boosting their energy while improving fitness and overall health”.
Lauren describes her coaching style as controlled, safe, and fun. Her favorite part about coaching at ASI is the kids.
“I love being around children. They give me joy and energy in my every day. My favorite moment is when I see the smile and joy coming from my kids faces when they finally master a skill they’ve been working on for awhile.”
ASI Keller is lucky to have coaches like Coach Lauren who has a passion for kids and their progress in the sport!

Lake Highlands

ASI Lake highlands is proud to present Coach Lizzy for the Coaches Corner of the month! Lizzy has been with ASI for almost five years. During her time here she does Kidz Gym classes, birthday parties and is a supervisor for all the fun products. She also is a media specialist during meets capturing all the wonderful moments of the gymnasts. In 2014 she graduated for North Forney High School and also graduated from Steiner Institute of Esthetics for Skin Care.

Lizzy says, “I love children because they are so much fun to be around. And I come from a big family and every time we get together for the holidays I love seeing all the kids!”

Her favorite thing to coach is Kidz Gym and she describes her coaching style as fun, silly and loving. She also believes that gymnastics is great for kids because they learn how to be a team player and gain self-esteem.  ASI Lake highlands would be so lost without Lizzy and how great she helps run all the great programs we have here.


Jacob in Mesquite is one of our senior coaches, that has been with ASI for seven years now. He coaches a huge variety of classes and fun products from Tiny Tots all the way to Boys and Girls Team. Jacob grew up in the sport of Gymnastics competing for eight years, and even attending ASI Mesquite as a child. His strong background in Gymnastics has lead to him becoming an excellent well-rounded coach, and employee for mesquite.

Coaching at ASI means a lot to Jacob, “I love being able to develop athletes who then gain confidence as they acquire new skills. But I love even more developing young men and women who gain valuable life skills from the challenges of the sport and the coaching I’m able to give them pertaining to things outside the sport. I truly love building relationships where I can teach and be taught with a last impact.

As for coaching the sport of gymnastics his view is that, It is accessible to any kid, regardless of their natural talent level. Gymnastics is for every kid that walks into an ASI gym, and it gives them a place to feel safe, empowered, successful, valuable, and best of all strong.

Jacob thank you for all your hard work and dedication you have given ASI over the past seven years! The gym, staff, and kids all love you, and are exciting to see you continue to grow in the company.

Plano West

Coach Elizabeth at ASI Plano West came to us from the University of Memphis. She is 26-years-old and has spent 11 of those years coaching gymnastics. Coach Elizabeth was a gymnast for 11 years, competed level 9 and trained level 10.  When she isn’t talking, coaching, or learning more about gymnastics, Coach Elizabeth enjoys camping, reading, and traveling.

In her eight months here at ASI, she has won the hearts of her Level 3 and 4 teams, her Tiny Tots, Girls Gymnastics classes, and her Gymnastics After School students. Her energy in the gym is contagious when she is coaching. She is also very creative with her coaching, she isn’t afraid to share her opinion or give suggestions. Coach Elizabeth’s favorite event is the bars.  We asked her why she chose to coach at ASI.

“I coach at ASI because when I first moved to Dallas, last summer, it was the gym that shared all the same values as me. I love working with the other staff members and children. ASI has also taught me so much in my short time here.”

ASI Plano West is lucky to have a coach so dedicated to her students. Coach Elizabeth is always looking for better ways to coach her girls. She doesn’t take “I can’t do it” as an excuse from her students. She encourages them and pushes them to do their best.

Coach Elizabeth believes gymnastics is great because, “it teaches children so much more than just skills; it teaches respect, time management, hard work, and perseverance. They learn life skills that will help them in the future all while having fun.”


Jennifer has been coaching at ASI Rockwall for a little over 10 months now. She currently coaches our Girls Bronze level classes, along with Kidz Gym classes. She is also certified to coach Power Tumbling. She took Some Power Tumbling classes here at ASI when she was younger and loved it. She loves coaching Gymnastics because she is getting to be with children and teach them skills that she knows.

Jennifer did cross country for two years in middle school and did Gymnastics during her freshman and her sophomore year of high school, now she does Swim.

We asked Jennifer what would be her favorite event to coach and she said it would have to be Bars.

“Gymnastics is great for kids because it gives them a great workout, it is fun, and it teaches them how to follow a rotation.”

She summed up her coaching style with 3 words “Fun, Challenging, and awesome”.We are so lucky to have such an amazing “team player” as a part of our ASI family.


The Woodlands

Coach Lauren is a coach at our Woodlands location and has been with us for four months. She is currently coaching Tiny Tots, Kidz Gym, both Girls and Boys gymnastics, Birthday parties, and is included in our other fun products. Lauren is 20-years-old and is attending Lone Star college with plans to transfer to Sam Houston University for both sports medicine and education. She explains her coaching style as energetic, but disciplined. She loves that ASI includes classes for all ages letting them start development at a young age not only in gymnastics, but in social skills as well. Lauren explains that she loves her team her ASI The Woodlands and couldn’t be happier with the coaches she is surrounded by. She loves the environment here at the gym and is so glad to have gotten the opportunity to change student’s lives through ASI. We are blessed to have her on our team!

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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner-March 2017


Coach Victoria has been coaching at ASI for two years. Before she came to ASI, she was a Tae Kwon Do instructor for four years and also volunteered with a special needs softball team. Victoria does it all at ASI – she coaches Girls and Boys Gymnastics, Power Tumbling, Gymmie Kids and Fun Products!
She currently attends Allen High School and is going to LSU in the fall. To stay fit, she does Zumba and yoga. She also still does Tae Kwon Do and got her black belt when she was eight years old. When she was younger, she took tumbling and gymnastics classes at ASI!
Her favorite event to coach is rings. She describes her coaching style as patient, silly, and happy. She says gymnastics is great for kids because “it teaches perseverance, courage, and builds not only physical strength but mental strength as well.”
She loves coaching at ASI because “I love the relationships I have with the kids that I have coached for a long time now, as well as getting to know and learn from every child that I meet. Whenever one of my kids gets a new skill and is proud of themselves, it’s the best feeling. Also, I love my co-workers, I even met my best friend Coach Nicole here!” She initially heard about ASI back when she started class with Coach Cris when she was 9. She says, “I guess I loved it so much I never left.” To sum up coaching at ASI in 3 words, Coach Victoria said it is “fulfilling, inspiring, and rewarding.”


Coach Dabrana (Dee Dee) has been a coach at ASI for almost five years now. She coaches Tiny Tots, Kidz Gym, girls classes, and girls team. This is her first year doing Girls Level 1 Team, and she loves it. Dabrana started in gymnastics here at ASI as a student herself. She attended the Cedar Hill and Plano West location. She also did cheerleading from 6th-12th grade. She currently attends TCC and is studying to be a sign language interpreter. She began her career of working with children by babysitting kids from her church.

Coaching at ASI has been a thrill for her, and one of the greatest thing about working here is that she loves to come to work. From the relationship with coworkers to the amazing relationship with parents and students, have all made it worth her while.  ASI Arlington is more than thrilled to have her be apart of our team!



Coach Haley has been with ASI Firewheel for about two years. She currently coaches Girls Bronze and Kidz Gym Level 1 and 2. Coach Haley also works with our Gymnastics After School program. She believes gymnastics is a great way for kids to learn how to be social. “It is hard for some kids to make friends, but in a small setting it is nice to see kids click.”

What Haley loves most about coaching at ASI is being able to build relationships with her students. “When you have a bond with your kids, it’s comforting for them to know they can trust you.”Coach Haley is currently attending Richland College and is currently taking tumbling classes to prepare her for university cheer tryouts. She has always strived to stay active, while in high school she participated in quite a few sports.

Thank you, Coach Haley, for always bringing your A-game! Firewheel is lucky to have you.


Coach Kyle is one of our most popular and in-demand coaches here in Keller. ASI was his first job eight years ago,  and we are so glad he has stayed with it because he has excelled and all of his students love him as their coach. Kyle graduated from Northwest High School and attended Tarrant County Community College. Kyle’s athletic background consisted of cross country, track, soccer, and diving when he was younger, and in high school, he competed in gymnastics and diving. He currently stays fit while playing with his adorable dog, Maple.

Kyle coaches Kidz Gym, girls, boys, and power tumbling classes.  His favorite event to coach is tumbling. Coach Kyle also leads birthday parties and supervises open gym, parents’ night out, gymnastics after school and camp. Kyle’s coaching style is funny, energetic and encouraging. Kyle believes that gymnastics is great for kids because “it’s a full body workout that teaches great coordination along with a good work ethic.” He loves coaching at ASI because he loves “seeing kids improve and grow as people along with getting the skills they worked so hard to get.”
Kyle is always willing to help his co-workers learn and become better coaches, and his willingness to lend a hand when needed makes him one of our favorites here in Keller!

Lake Highlands

Coach Jasilyn has been with ASI Lake Highlands for three years. She is a great asset to the team, always willing to lend a helping hand. She went to high school in Garland and participated in basketball, volleyball, and ran track. Coach Jasilyn teaches Tiny Tots, Kidz Gym, all levels of girls classes and helps to assist in team levels two and three. Her favorite event to coach is most definitely bars. Her coaching style is fun, firm and consistent. Jasilyn believes that gymnastics is good for kids because “it helps makes them develop strength, coordination, self-esteem and social skills.”
The things she loves most about being a coach is watching all the kids progress through their skills. Coach Jasilyn is highly requested by parents, and the kids love having her as a coach. Jasilyn sums up coaching at ASI in five great words: fun, exciting, rewarding, exhilarating and loving! The team at ASI would be lost without her.


Coach Rachel in Mesquite has a strong background working with children. She has worked Vacation Bible Schools, led the children’s music at her church, helped coach soccer camps, and has worked in the nursery at church for almost five years now. Working with kids for most of her life has undoubtedly led to her being an amazing coach that all the kids truly adore. For Rachel, getting to coach kids at ASI is more than just a job, “I love interacting with the kids. Although this may be a cliche answer, it is the truth. It’s a great feeling when your child knows your name or tells you something about their day. The little things like this mean so much to me because I  know I have made a small impact in their lives.”

“Gymnastics, in my opinion is great for kids because it is an excellent way to allow kids to be active, grow and have fun. It teaches them to believe in themselves and never to give up. They can have a good time while learning skills and becoming disciplined.” When Rachel was a child, she even attended ASI at the age of eight. She also cheered her Junior year of High School. Her favorite ways to stay active are through cheer, running, and working out.

Rachel’s sweet and bubbly personality has made such a positive impact in the Mesquite Gym. While her positive attitude, dependability,  and strong love for kids have made her a wonderful coach and co-worker. We are so happy to have you as a part of our team Rachel!


Coach Augusta has been coaching here at ASI for going on nine months now, and we are so excited that she is a part of our team. She currently coaches our Girls Bronze level, and she works a few of our Fun Products. Augusta is currently a student at Texas State University and she is attending school to get her Nursing Major. Outside of gymnastics and school, Augusta enjoys Poetry, and she was the Captain of the Speech and Debate Team at her high school.

Augusta loves coaching here at ASI because it is a fun environment and she can be with the kids. She has a passion for kids; she loves the curiosity and the eagerness to know everything. “Everybody works as a team here and always lift each other up,” she says. “It is very rewarding, and I’m making memories and putting smiles on the kid’s faces.”

We are very lucky to have such an athlete and a fantastic team player, not only as a coach at ASI but as part of our ASI family.


The Woodlands

Coach Tabitha has been with ASI The Woodlands for three years. She is an active, encouraging, and disciplined coach that loves to see her kids succeed. Tabitha coaches Girls and Boys Gymnastics, Girls Team, Power Tumbling, Preschool, and some Fun Products. We asked Coach Tabitha why she loves working at ASI, and she said, “I love ASI because my kids are a joy and my coworkers are a lot of fun to be around.” When Coach Tabitha is not at work she enjoys going on mission trips with her church, her favorite mission trip was going to Honduras. ASI The Woodlands is blessed to have Coach Tabitha on our team! 

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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner – February 2017


Brie has been coaching at ASI Allen for five years! Before this, she was a cheerleader for seven years. She coaches everything from Kidz Gym, Girls Gymnastics, Power Tumbling, and Fun Products! She is also coaching Girls Team Level 1 for the first time this year.

She currently attends UT Dallas and will be graduating in December 2018 with a degree in Education. She says gymnastics is great for kids because “it teaches kids body awareness, balance, and strength that be used in all aspects of life.” She started out at ASI taking tumbling classes when she was eight years old. She now loves coaching here “because everyday is different and you never know what to expect while working with kids. They are so energetic and fun that you never get bored.” She describes her coaching style as spirited, fun, and positive. Three words she would use to sum up coaching at ASI: entertaining, exciting, and friendly!


Landon has been coaching at ASI Arlington for three months. He coaches mostly Kidz Gym classes and Fun Products. Landon has the type of personality that you can’t help but warm up to. He always has a fun, cheerful attitude whenever he comes to work, and his coaching style is energetic, creative, and adaptable. One of the things Landon loves most about coaching at ASI is the relationships he has built with the other coaches and the students. Other than working at ASI, Landon also works as a counselor at Camp Thurman, plays hockey in an adult hockey league, volunteers for a group called Young Life, and is going to school at UT Arlington to be a teacher. Needless to say, we, here in Arlington, are happy to have Landon as a part of our team!


Heather has been coaching at ASI Cypress for two years. She currently coaches Tiny Tots, Kidz Gym, Girls and Boys Gymnastics, Power Tumbling, and some Fun Products. Coach Heather grew up doing gymnastics and cheer. When she is not at ASI coaching, she enjoys to read and work out. We asked her why she thought gymnastics was great for kids and she said, “They learn discipline, how to follow directions, how to be a teammate, confidence, self esteem, how to challenge themselves, and how to conquer fears.” Coach Heather found out about ASI from driving by the gym everyday. We also asked her why ASI, and she stated, “I love ASI because of the positive atmosphere. And that I never have to call for my classes my kiddos just come running. No matter what, that always puts a smile on my face.” ASI Cypress is so lucky to have Coach Heather!


Jaymes has been with ASI Firewheel for the past eight months. He first heard about ASI through a mutual friend, Coach Jason, and now enjoys working alongside him. He said he loves working for ASI because “I love my coworkers and the children and the fact that I get to learn something new everyday.” Currently, you can find him coaching Kidz Gym Level 1, Camp, Open Gym, and for our Gymnastics AfterSschool program. He describes his coaching style as fun, engaging, and lighthearted. When we asked him why gymnastics is great for kids he explained, “It’s a sport that teaches balance, agility, and body awareness, which is good for any athletic pursuits they have later in life.” His favorite event to coach is floor.

Outside of ASI, Jaymes attends Eastfield College and is studying to become a computer programmer. He aspires to continue his education and obtain a degree in Aerospace engineering. Growing up, he was a very active child. He participated in football, basketball, and even cheered for his high school team. Today, he stays active by working out at home and by getting out of the house on the weekends. Prior to ASI, his work experience with kids was through years of babysitting. Now he enjoys working with children while getting the opportunity to impart so much more than just gymnastics. He said working for ASI is great, fun, educational, and amazing!

We are excited to have Jaymes as part of our team, and can’t wait to see the full impact he will surely have on our students!


Jordan has been part of the ASI Keller family for four-and-a-half years! He got his start here by his sister, who also worked with ASI, motivating him to apply. He coaches several Girl’s and Boy’s Gymnastics classes, as well as, Power Tumbling. He is best known around here for coaching our Boy’s Team. One of his great motivating tools is his Pokemon card collection that he distributes among the boys when they have worked diligently at practice.

Jordan has five years of club gymnastics and six years of junior and high school gymnastics under his belt. He also has ten years of recreational and club soccer experience. He says coaching has been great at helping him stay fit; well, that and practicing his stealthy ninja skills to sneak up on his co-workers.

His favorite event to coach is parallel bars and he would describe his coaching style as “fun, technical, and encouraging.” Jordan believes that gymnastics helps to “develop confidence and coordination, create friendships, and teach life skills.”

When asked what he loves most about ASI he says, “ASI has helped me develop a fun style of coaching, not to mention, it allows me to do what I love!” This year he has taken the Boy’s Team back to USAG competitions. We can’t wait to see how far they go and what Coach Jordan does with the Boy’s Team as it continues to grow each month.


Francesca in Mesquite is one of our Girls Gymnastics coaches, and has been with ASI for five months now! Although she has only been coaching at ASI for a short time, she has grown tremendously as a coach and employee. Francesca has a strong background in gymnastics, as she did it for 12 years, even attending our ASI location Firewheel! Her childhood revolved around the sport of gymnastics, and now she has the opportunity to coach! Francesca’s favorite event is bars, and would sum up her coaching style as focused, technical, and encouraging!

Francesca says gymnastics is great for kids because, “Gymnastics teaches kids how to be disciplined and focused to achieve their goals. It also teaches them basic skills like balance and awareness of their body so that they can succeed in other sports too.” When it comes to coaching at ASI she “loves connecting with kids and being a positive influence in their life. I also love how everyone who works at ASI is like a family.”

Francesca has definitely became a big part of the family in Mesquite while working with us. She is constantly focusing on her kids and how to help them progress. She is always willing to help out the gym, and always has a positive attitude!

Plano West

Meredith has been working at ASI Plano West for two and a half years. She has become one of the leaders in our gym, and is loved by the families and the staff. She is always willing to help other coaches with drills, advice on how to coach a child, or even answering phones to help the sales team. She coaches in almost all of our programs, from Tiny Tots to Girls Team Levels 1-4. Meredith’s calm, fun, and supportive way of coaching is seen in every class. She always shows up and leaves work with a smile. Meredith is the type of coach everyone wants. She is technical, and also fun. Meredith coaches gymnastics at ASI Plano West because “I love spending my day helping kids achieve their goals. I have fun every day.”

Meredith attended Hebron High School and earned her Bachelor’s’ in Elementary Education from Iowa State. When she isn’t lighting up the gym with her energy, she is traveling all over the US or traveling the world with her two best friends. If she isn’t on a trip, then she is probably sitting at home with her pet bunny, Pancake, reading a book.

ASI Plano West is so lucky to have Meredith on our team!


Erika has been coaching at ASI Rockwall for a little over ten months now, and we are so excited that she is part of our team. She is a student at Rockwall High School, and plans to attend University of Kentucky after she graduates. Erika started gymnastics five years ago at Utley Middle School, and she then worked hard to make Varsity her freshman year of high school. She now trains Level 8 optional skills at her school, and she is looking forward to competing at the state championship in April.

She currently coaches our Girls Recreational classes, both Bronze level and Gold Level. She is also a big asset to our Fun Products program here at ASI. She works some Open Gym, Parents’ Night Outs, and a few camps.

We asked Erika what she thought made gymnastics so great for kids. She said, “It helps the kids build muscle and be active while learning cool flips that everyone wants to know how to do. It also teaches great discipline and problem solving skills. You learn to face your fears in this sport.” Coach Erika says she learned about ASI from her friend Adam, who is our Boys Team coach here at ASI.

“I love getting to see the kids faces when they do a new skill that they have been working so hard to do for months,” she states. She says her favorite event to coach would be beam. When we asked her to sum up coaching at ASI in five words, she said, “A fun new adventure everyday.”

We are very lucky to have such an athlete and an amazing “team player,” not only as a coach at ASI, but as part of the ASI family.

The Woodlands

Michella has been with ASI The Woodlands for three years. She coaches Girls Team, Kidz Gym, Tiny Tots, and Girls Gymnastics. Michella describes her coaching style as loving, consistent, and patient. We asked her why she loves coaching at ASI and she said, “I love getting to teach kids gymnastics, life lessons, and team work.”

When Coach Michella is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family, singing at church, and playing in her volleyball league. The Woodlands is lucky to have Coach Michella with us!

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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner – January 2017


Coach David has been with us at ASI Allen for about four months now and he coaches Power Tumbling and Fun Products! He attended McKinney High School and then went to Oklahoma Christian University. He likes to do parkour and cheer to stay in shape! His background with children includes working at summer camps for the past two years and working with the nursery at his church ever since he was younger.  He was very active growing up and participated in soccer, basketball, football, swimming, jujitsu, baseball, fencing, cheerleading, parkour, gymnastics, and tennis!

He loves to coach Power Tumbling and describes his coaching style as demanding, effective, and fun. He says gymnastics is great for kids because “it allows them to develop control over parts of their body that they would otherwise never have thought about the importance of.” The five words he would use to sum up coaching at ASI would be “friendly, inclusive, fun, energetic, and colorful.”


Mitchell has worked at ASI Arlington for almost four months and the staff loves him. He always has a smile on his face and is eager to learn. What more can you ask for? ASI Arlington is lucky to have such a magnificent person on their team.

He attended ASI Arlington 13 years ago and fell in love with the sport. Although he was unable to continue classes, he continued to coach and train himself throughout his childhood. Mitchell grew up with a huge family and sharing the responsibility of younger siblings was top priority.

Mitchell agrees that gymnastics is not an easy sport, but that’s what makes it so inspiring to coach. Being the one to teach kids hand eye coordination, social skills, and encouraging them to do anything they put their minds to is a rewarding feeling.  He loves that ASI Arlington is a family. Mitchell couldn’t have been luckier to find such an awesome gym. Everyone helps each other and works as a team.



Coach Alex has been a part of the ASI Cypress team for five months now! Alex has a loud and energetic personality that really shines through in her girls rec classes, and she can often be found adding plenty of energy and creativity to Open Gym, Camp, and Birthday Parties. After graduating from Langham Creek High School, Alex has plans of attending Lonestar College before transferring to U of H. To stay active she enjoys dancing, running, and doing Pilates.

“I love gymnastics because it teaches children how to stay active while having fun doing so.”

Alex has been a dancer for 13 years, and has been teaching dance for the past five years. She has taken her love of dance and acrobatics and applied that to her coaching here at ASI. It was no surprise to us that when we asked her what her favorite event to coach was, she responded with “Balance Beam”.

“I love teaching children and seeing them improve and grow as gymnasts. They become so happy and it makes me thrilled to know that I contributed to that happiness.”

Even though she has only been part of the ASI family for a short time, we are so excited to have such a passionate, energetic person working along side of us.



Coach Darian has been coaching at ASI Firewheel for four years now! She is an extremely diverse coach and loved by so many. Currently, she coaches Kidz Gym, Girls Gymnastics, Power Tumbling, and Girls Team Level 1. Also, she is enrolled at Collin Community College and working towards her associates. When she’s not coaching or studying, she enjoys finding creative ways to stay physically fit and immersing herself into the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

Darian has always had a love for children and a passion for sports. In high school, she was involved in numerous extra curricular activities including cheer, dance, track and field, and power lifting. She decided to come work for ASI after attending her sisters gymnastics meet, hosted at our very location.

All those around her would agree when we describe her coaching style as animated, creative, and educative. She is definitely one of the best at keeping kids engaged, inspired, and active. We asked why she feels gymnastics is great for kids, she said, “I believe gymnastics is great because it gives children an outlet in life. Sharing the love of gymnastics gets them socially involved with their peers who are like-minded. I believe that any child who takes gymnastics classes not only learns the different ways their bodies can move, but it also raises their confidence level.” She continued by saying that she loved coaching for ASI because “I have the opportunity to not only learn more about the world of gymnastics, but also have an impact on someones life.”

Her energy is constantly radiating throughout the gym. We are so lucky to have Coach Darian here to positively impact the lives of our students! Thank you Coach Darian!

fw fw2


Coach Ben is brand new to ASI and we are so excited for what he brings to our program! With an impressive 28 years of coaching experience, Ben has coached every level of girls gymnastics up to Level 10, and has coached boys gymnastics through their elite careers. Being a former gymnast himself, he knows what the coach/athlete experience is from both sides. With ten years of being a gymnast along with his vast coaching knowledge, Ben is skilled at deconstructing skills by giving his students corrections that they can understand in order to be the best gymnasts they can be. Coach Ben graduated from Florida State University and previously coached gymnastics in Atlanta, Georgia. When he was looking to make a move to Texas, he learned about ASI from his hairdresser, of all people! Ben loves coaching at ASI because he loves “how organized ASI is and the focuses are great!”

Coach Ben currently coaches Girls Bronze Gymnastics and Power Tumbling classes here in Keller. He has also recently taken over a Level 1 Girls Team for this competition season. His favorite event to coach is Uneven Bars, and he describes his coaching style as “positive, technical, and patient”. Coach Ben can always be found taking the time to explain corrections to his students so that they understand what they need to do to master a skill. In addition to this, the staff in Keller is so grateful for the positive energy Ben brings to the gym every time he walks through the door. He is a wonderful resource for new coaches, and he is always the first one to step in and lend a hand at every level of organization within ASI. No matter what we throw at him, Ben tackles the task with a smile. We love having him here in Keller, and we cannot imagine life in the gym without him after only three months. We can’t wait to see what amazing things he will accomplish throughout his career at ASI!

ke ke2


Carly in Mesquite is one of our senior coaches and has been with ASI for seven years now. She coaches almost every class and level from Tiny Tots all the way to Girls Team Level 3. Gymnastics is a huge part of Carly’s life, and she recommends it for any child.

Gymnastics is a great sport to start really young. Even at an young age each student’s coordination, discipline, self-esteem, and social skills are super important. I feel like gymnastics is one of the only sports that really touches on all those key things and makes for a well rounded sport.”

Growing up, Carly has always been active through extracurricular activities. “At age five, I started playing T-ball, and over the years my love for softball grew and truly never really left. In middle school I played volleyball, basketball, and was a cheerleader as well. During high school I was lucky enough to get to cheer and play softball. At this time I also took tumbling classes at ASI Mesquite. Little did I know back then I would be where I am today with ASI.”

Over the years, Carly has grown so much and impacted hundreds of children’s lives with her fun, loving, and caring personality.  Her many years at ASI have allowed her to teach kids from their Tiny Tots days until they are in Team many years later. When we asked her “Why ASI?” her answer tells you exactly why she holds such a big role in Mesquite. “I have been at ASI for seven years and I honestly can’t see myself working anywhere else. I can full heartedly say that I love my job! Not only do the kids make my bad days good, but they impact my life in so many positive ways. Our gym atmosphere at Mesquite is like a family and I couldn’t ask for anything more in a job.”

Carly has helped develop many programs at ASI, and is currently helping out with our Preschool Program. Her strong background in working with kids and gymnastics makes her the perfect candidate to help build our program up. Coach Carly means more to ASI Mesquite then words could describe. The gym is so blessed to have someone so dedicated, strong-willed, and loving like her!

carlygentrie carly-team-pic

Plano West

Lindsay is one of our awesome new coaches! She graduated from Newman Smith High School and is currently attending Brookhaven Community College. In four months, Lindsay has become certified in Girls Bronze, Boys Bronze, Open Gym, and as a GAS lead. When she isn’t re-reading the Harry Potter series, she is a dedicated Netflix binge watcher, but don’t let that fool you because Lindsay also enjoys a mean workout. That must be a habit she picked up from her 10 years of volleyball.

Lindsay’s background with special needs kids shows just how big of a heart she has. She previously worked in an Autism center and still to this day provides babysitting services to families with Autistic children. Her love for children has expanded to the kids here at ASI Plano West. Her coaching style is bubbly, encouraging, and enthusiastic. She always has a smile on her face and loves to joke around with her kids. The thing that has excited her while working at ASI is, “how dedicated some of these kids are. Watching them have fun and learn a lot at the same  time.”

She says that she loves to coach “because I really love teaching these kids. I love seeing the GAS kids everyday! It’s so much fun coming to work that it doesn’t even feel like work!”

We can all tell that Lindsay has a bright future in making a difference in many children’s lives!



Nicholas has been coaching at ASI Rockwall for going on nine months now. He currently coaches boys bronze classes and several ASI Fun Products. Nicholas said the thing he loves the absolute most about coaching at ASI is getting to interact with the kids. “Whether I’m making a joke to them, listening about what they did at school, or talking to them about their weekend plans, it lets me know that they trust me. I love being a goofball with them and having fun.”

He attended gymnastics classes himself here at ASI from age six to nine. After taking a break from gymnastics for a while, Nicholas played baseball until middle school. He then was on the gymnastics team at Williams Middle School, and he continued onto the gymnastics team at Rockwall High School. Nicholas also did a lot of babysitting his brothers, and he was in PALS in 8th grade, so he had a bit of experience with children before starting to coach here at ASI.

We asked Nicholas what his favorite event to coach here at ASI would be, and he said the rings. He described his coaching style as “active and hands on”.

“Kids are really flexible and can learn a lot when they’re young, so doing gymnastics as a kid improves flexibility, strength, and muscle memory. When you start to learn gymnastics at a young age, you really get a full body toning, which prepares you for any sport you might want to play,” he stated.

We are very lucky to have such an amazing “team player” not only as a coach at ASI, but as part of the ASI family.


The Woodlands

Coach Jemma has been coaching at ASI The Woodlands for six months now and loves it! She coaches Girls Gymnastics and helps out with Girls Team. Her favorite event to coach is beam and floor! We asked Coach Jemma why gymnastics is so great for kids and she said, “Gymnastics helps with all aspects of fitness. It teaches body control and determination to better yourself. Let’s be honest, is there a better sport? There is always something new to learn!”

She started gymnastics when she was nine and was a competitive gymnast for almost ten years. Coach Jemma was lucky enough to win Scottish Champion at the age of fifteen, and also helped to start a gymnastics club. Fun Fact about Coach Jemma: she got to meet and work with Beth Tweddle for a weekend! To stay fit she love to go to the gym and chase around her two year old!

Coach Jemma found out about ASI from her sister in law who used to take classes at The Woodlands! We also asked her what she loves most about coaching at ASI. She stated that, “I love the kids! The look on their face when they learn something new is the best! And the coaches. This was my first job in America and they were all so welcoming!” The last six months have been great for ASI The Woodlands and we are blessed to have Coach Jemma with us!

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