ASI hosted the first competition of the year at ASI The Woodlands and ASI Firewheel the past two weekends. The Practice Makes Perfect Meet had 600 competitors, levels 1-7, perfect their skills to kick off the competitive season. Each gymnast received a medal at the end of competition as well as ribbons on each of the four events to mark their achievements. Team awards were given out for small and large teams. Small teams consist of 6 or less gymnasts with the top 3 scores contributing to the team score. Large teams consist of 7 or more gymnasts with the top 5 scores contributing to the team score.

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The teams from all ASI locations will compete in multiple competitions in Texas this year. Our level 4 and above teams will also compete in the Sand Dollar Invitational in Orlando, Florida in January. We wish the girls the best of luck this competition season. To find a competition near you, click here.

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Here are the team results from the Practice Makes Perfect meet from ASI Firewheel:

Level 1 Large Team
1st- 188.45- ASI Lake Highlands
2nd- 187.775- ASI Mesquite
3rd- 186.85- ASI Plano West
4th- 186.60- ASI Arlington
5th- 186.20- ASI Keller

Level 1 Small Team
1st- 107.75- ASI Rockwall

Level 2 Large Team
1st- 188.95- ASI Arlington
2nd- 185.90- ASI Lake Highlands
3rd- 185.20- ASI Keller
4th- 184.55- ASI Allen
5th- 184.40- ASI Mesquite

Level 2 Small Team
1st- 108.15- ASI Rockwall
2nd- 107.40- Excite Gymnastics & Cheer

Level 3 Large Team
1st- 186.65- ASI Arlington
2nd- 183.70- ASI Keller
3rd- 182.05- Excite Gymnastics & Cheer
4th- 181.95- ASI Lake Highlands

Level 3 Small Team
1st- 109.25- ASI Rockwall
2nd- 103.45- ASI Mesquite

Level 4 Large Team
1st- 179.25- ASI Lake Highlands
2nd- 171.65- Excite Gymnastics & Cheer

Level 4 Small Team
1st- 108.55- ASI Arlington
2nd- 103.85- Texas Gymnastics Training Center
3rd- 100.70- East Texas Twisters Canton

Level 5 Small Team
1st- 179.25- ASI Lake Highlands
2nd- 104.00- ASI Keller

Level 6 Small Team
1st- 107.10- Texas Gymnastics Training Center
2nd- 101.20- ASI Firewheel