It is the holiday season. Your calendar is full of to-do lists, programs your kids participate in, and parties to host or attend. You are ready for the holidays to be over so everything can go back to “normal.” What if you made “normal” a priority during the rush of the holiday season?

Although school will be out for a few weeks and the kids will be out of that routine, keeping a schedule for your kids will actually benefit you and them when school is back in session.


Here are 5 reasons to keep your kids active by staying in class during the holidays:

  1. It increases focus, self-discipline, and memory.
    Multiple studies show that as little as 60 minutes of physical activity can increase cognitive performance in children. With holiday breaks lasting up to three weeks, physical activity is vital in keeping cognitive performance high. This will decrease the struggle kids sometimes have when going back to school after the break.
  2. It gives them something to look forward to.
    During the holiday breaks, children don’t know what to expect. There is no school. The largest part of what their “normal” day is taken away. If they know that Tuesday is gymnastics day, they have something to look forward to that day.
  3. It maintains part of a routine.
    Children thrive on routine. It makes them feel safe, because they know what to expect. Knowing that some part of their routine is still intact will increase their sense of security.
  4. It gives you a moment to connect with your child.
    During the holidays, you are pulled in a million different directions. Shopping, cooking, get togethers, your child’s activity can give you a moment to connect with them. When she rings the bell for accomplishing a skill, you get to clap for your child and let them know you are proud of them. The car ride home is time to talk about class that day and how awesome they did.
  5. It gives you a break.
    Sometimes, parents just need a break. We love our children, but sometimes a moment to ourselves to read a book, check our emails, or just breathe is needed. Knowing that you have that 50 minutes, an hour, or two hours to yourself can be crucial to you being able to refocus.